Tethering, one plus phone hotspot or Alcatel mobile hotspot


    i need a reliable 20mbps for tethering to my work laptop to be able to run what I need. Which will work better, the one plus plan on my phone as a hotspot or the Alcatel mobile hotspot.

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      • barcodeable

        Both of your options will meet your needs. Which one will work better... that’s a personal preference that only you can decide.


        I have several phones with Unlimited 4G Internet and 7GB of 4G Mobile Hotspot, but I prefer to use my ZTE Mobile Hotspot when I need to connect my Wifi only tablet or Laptop. I prefer just to turn my Hotspot device on with one click of a button rather than fumble through the settings on my phone to start the smartphone mobile hotspot connection. I don't know how good the Alcatel device is or how great whatever smart phone you plan on using. But, i would steer toward the dedicated mobile hotspot device personally. There is a line in T-Mobile’s service agreement that majority of your phone data use must be used on the phone as oposed to having majority of the data being used as a Hotspot. I don’t have the T-Mobile One Plan... so i can’t speak from a plan perspective (we have different plans). Im speaking generally on using a Hotspot Device for your needs vs your cell phone as a mobile hotspot.


        If you only plan on once in a while needing to connect your laptop to check emails or browse the internet, i would suggest to keep whatever plan you have now and just use that. I wouldn’t suggest to upgrade to the T-Mobile ONE Plus Plan. Onthe other hand.... if you plan on connecting to the T-Mobile network on a daily basis.... Go with the Alcatel Mobile Hotspot..


        One thing to consider in your decision making.... the ALCATEL Mobile Hotspot data plan gets Priority over the smartphone mobile hotspot use. So if there is congestion in your area on the T-Mobile network, your T-Mobile ONE Plus (Phone mobile Hotspot) may get temporarily slowed down to 3G speeds due to this congestion..... while your Alcatel Mobile Hostpot Data get priority over all other Mobile Hotspot users. Once the congestion clears up, your speeds will go back to normal, but you seem like the type of person that wouldn‘t be happy with being slowed down behind everyone else in line.  Some T-Mobile Reps may not understand or agree with what I wrote, so you will have to read the fine-prints of the service agreements for yourself. I would hate for you to listen to a representative and choose the smartphone as your mobile hotspot and then when the network get congested you have unusable slow 3G internet for the time being then want to complain to the representative later. After the T-Mobile customer service representative checked their notes, they will more than likely tell you  “I am so very sorry for the misinformation you were provided regarding your data plan, but the Alcatel Hotspot get priority over ALL smartphone mobile hotspot use durring time of congestion.” With all of these different Plans (Simple Choice, Military Plan, 55+, etc.,) I think that fact remains consistent with all plans. Dedicated Mobile Hotspot Devices get the VIP treatment over people using their phones as a mobile hotspot on the T-Mobile Network. I have no idea how other carriers prioritize their data use, but im familiar with T-Mobile’s.


        I really hope my post was helpful.


        and lastly, i think you are able to get a ONE Plus package on the ALCATEL hotspot... there used to be a ONE Plus International Plan on hotspots devices sold by T-Mobile....  incase you traveled out of the country. My particular hotspot device i read will not function in other countries on the T-Mobile network. Alcatel Hotspots have different services and features based on whether you go with a postpaid plan, or the prepaid plan.

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          • magenta5516

            Very helpful as I was looking to know if the mobile hotspot got priority over the smartphone hotspot. With that being said I think I need the mobile hotspot.  Now, T-mobile only offers the Alcatel device, is there a better device that I can buy and bring over into the hotspot plan that is compatible on the TMO network. I’m not that familiar with the devices and whether or not a particular device would matter when it comes to speed.

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              • barcodeable

                i have the ZTE Falcon Z-917 Mobile Hotspot. I have the 6GB Simple Choice Data Plan (postpaid) it works very well for my needs. I have little to Zero T-Mobile reception in my home.... but i turn on my Hotspot and put it in my window and it provides on average 3 Bars of service (enough to watch Netflix, youtube, etc., at High Definition... and search the internet with no obvious delays. This device unfortunately isn’t available by T-Mobile anymore, I have no idea why... but the Alcatel LinkZone is its replacement. So I would just advise to get the alcatel Hotspot. You may be able to find the ZTE Z-917 online for sale.... but I would advise not to purchase those because you have no idea what issues it may have. People online sell devices and the customer tries to use it with their carrier just to find out its black listed as being stolen, or have an overdue balance that the original owner hasn‘t yet paid.


                One thing i think i forgot  to mention, these devices are capable of  sending and receiving text messages (Extra loot on T-Mobile Tuesday). if you purchase the “Postpaid Data Plans”. The Prepaid Plans do not have this feature. I think it can be added to the prepaid plan for additional $$$, but im not completely sure.


                I would double check with the advertising of these data plans on the T-Mobile website just so you get exactly what you want. Not all data plans are the same. The Simple Choice Data Plans for tablets and Hotspots are still available.... or if you get the Hotspot Data plan under the T-Mobile ONE Plan or the ONE Plus data plan im not 100% sure what the advantages are... ((((((((Based on what you are looking... don’t get the Prepaid Data Plan)))))))) Trust Me.



            • barcodeable

              Simple Choice™ plans      I HAVE THIS PLAN 6GB for my HOTSPOT DEVICE... it comes with BINGE ON for the Unlimited streaming of Netflix, youtube, Hulu, etc., at DVD quality when you activate bingeOn.


              T-Mobile ONE™ for Tablets & Wearables (Grandfathered)


              Mobile Internet plans for HotSpots


              Mobile Internet for Prepaid   (Based on your post... you don’t want this)


              T-Mobile Essentials™ for Tablets



              I would go to each of these I have linked above, print them out... and compare them based on what you are looking for. And make sure it is indeed compatible with your current plan. I would hate for you to have a Grandfathered plan.... and customer rep switches you to another plan because the Hotspot Data Plan you are interested in wasn’t compatible with your Plan.

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