Transfer photos from Samsung Galaxy S8+ to a computer


    When you took plenty of photos and videos with your Samsung S8, how do you back up them to your computer?

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      • candifrida

        I'd like to use this dr.fone - Transfer for Android. It can help to transfer photos from Samsung to PC with an USB cable. No need with a network or bluetooth.

        Watch this video:

        • snn555

          usually you can just plug the phone into the computer with the cable and then the computer should recognize the phone and pop up a window and show you the contents of the phone. Your photos maybe in a media or photos or pictures album on the phone. You may have to swipe down from the status bar and choose MTP or file transfer if the phone is set to charge only by default.


          you can also use apps and programs like Google photos which will backup your pictures from your phone to your cloud automatically and with Google photos on your computer they would sync there as well.

          • syaoran

            Depending on your settings and PC OS, connecting the USB cable to your PC from your phone will get you an on screen pop up on your phone and PC.  The phone screen pop up should be set to transfer files.


            The Windows choice depends on how you want to cooy things.  File Explorer will loow you to see and access what is on your device but copy phitos will cooy the devices media in a similar way to how it would if you connected a digital camera.

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