Reception in the Anaheim Convention Center


    hi, our company wil be jn the Anaheim convention center for a show. Wondering how’s T-Mobile’s coverage inside the convention, how many bars, and data speed. Planning to see if we need to rent another company’s wireless router there or will Tmobile’s data be sufficient. Anyone being inside the center that have used any cell carriers, your advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance!

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Reception in the Anaheim Convention Center

        I've never been there but it appears that T-Mobile has antennas located on the roof. They may have micro-cells inside. Of course, if it's a big convention, probably any amount of wireless will be inadequate.


        Found this on Reddit "The last time I was there (OC Auto Show in October), I had great coverage inside. Only time I've had big issues with coverage were when events I went to were in the hall that's partially underground below the other halls. Down there I had no service except when close to the exit doors on the west side of the hall that aren't underground. None of the events I've been to there have had super huge attendance afaik though. There were quite a few people at the auto show but I can't imagine there were as many as at an event like BlizzCon or VidCon or whatever."

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