LG Stylo 2 previously on Sprint won't work on T-Mobile


    I have a LG Stylo 2 that was previously used on a Sprint network. I had it unlocked and currently have a T-Mobile sim card inserted in the phone. However I am still getting the Sprint logo and the phone is essentially dead, in that it can't find any signal (signal strength 0 dBm) and I am not even sure it is looking for one. I have gone through the settings and the only one relevant seems to be Network Mode which is set to GSM/UMTS. I have called T-Mobile support like a zillion times and they seem unable/incapable of fixing the issue. I am at a loss.

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      • snn555

        It isn't 100% tmo compatible.

        You need a new phone .


        • pr123

          Thanks for all the responses and sorry for my delayed reply. I was originally on a prepaid plan and was using a LG K7. The plan was very basic -just voice and text, no data. My understanding was that it using the GSM/UMTS network and not LTE. Anyway I lost the K7 phone and thought would save some money by switching the plan to a LG Stylo 2 (as prepaid phones are not subsidized) which was previously used on a Sprint Network. The LG Stylo 2 was designed to be used on Sprint 4G LTE but is capable of being used on GSM/UMTS -in fact you can go to Settings and choose GSM/UMTS as I did. But I could not get it to work with a new SIM card.  Maybe there is come compatibility issue -which can be easily sorted out by someone technically knowledgeable at T-Mobile. Unfortunately when you contact T-Mobile Tech Support, you get transferred to some call center in the Philippines and although they are all very polite they don't have any technical background. So I ended wasting about a month breaking my head and have now finally given up.  Makes me wonder how people have switched a phone from a different carrier to T-Mobile, because T-Mobile tech support is just awful.

            • dc5fan

              I don't have a clue about the bands stuff. In Aug 2017 I joined T-Mobile, and brought an S5 (unlocked AT&T). It worked okay, but after 4 months I decided on buying an LG Stylo 3 Plus ($275). I don't believe in a $1000 phone. I am on the $3 a month plan (voice only). I stronly suggest to future customers coming to T-Mobile to do your research FIRST, and especially if you BYOD (Bring Your Own Device). About the 611 bunch I don't know of a company who doesn't have call centers in the Philippines. I thought they were given the training and manuals to use. They do a great job listening to me complain about access to the site and app.