unintelligible audio on phone calls - fixed despite 'tech support'


    This note is more about our customer experience and your poor tech support than it is about coverage.  It does seem to involve technical features of your service, which is why I am posting it here. Moderators, feel free to move it to a different section if a more appropriate one exists.


    My wife and I each own a new Nokia 7.1. We have been with T-Mobile for years and we live in suburban Orlando, FL. The audio quality on our mostly local phone calls had been deteriorating for a while, with all sorts of background noise and low volume, to the point where we could not understand the person at the other end. Calls would drop, feedback-like screeches would completely drown voices, and volume was extremely low despite our tweaking of settings.


    T-Mobile were completely incapable of diagnosing the issue, both online and in person at a local T-Mobile store. All we got were unsatisfactory, scripted 'answers' pinning the situation on imaginary culprits, including poor coverage, our unblocked phones and the fact that we had not bought them from T-Mobile, the upcoming 5G, and other erroneous and laughable opinions not backed by anything more than dismissive hand-waving, an unwillingness to test anything, and an attitude of complacent denial. While we kept our composure throughout the patronizing treatment received, it was suggested we change carrier if we were so unhappy -- this after over 12 years as 'valued customers.'


    Mr. Legere, I am talking to you. Clearly, a number among your support staff -- and at least in some of your stores by the looks of it -- are incompetent and unable or unwilling to properly diagnose an issue. They lack a basic understanding of how to drill down when faced with a problem and get to a root cause from a series of symptoms. In addition to being technically deficient, they need serious training in how to treat customers, be they new or, like us, with your company for many years. I say this as an experienced process engineer, and I strongly suggest your tech support function undergo a process-focused overhaul.   If I can help, feel free to reach out.


    Yesterday, after systematically experimenting, we found a fix. We turned off Enhanced 4G LTE Services, under Network/Internet  -> Mobile Network -> Advanced settings.  Proper volume is now restored, and audio is crystal clear. It has only been a day, but things appears to be holding.  Whatever features may be offered under the Enhanced Services option, they are not worth it if the price is unintelligible audio calls.


    Nothing to do with coverage, place of purchase, 5G, etc. then. 


    I posted this on a Nokia forum as well, as volume and audio quality issues are not an uncommon problem there among T-Mobile users.


    I do hope this helps someone.



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