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    I live in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I used to have the grand father plan for $120/4 lines, 10 gb data/month for each line, and I put unlimited data on 1 line for an extra $15 a month. Everything was running fine at home or at work from data to tethering until I switch to another plan. I switched to the $120/4 lines unlimited everything, and data and tethering became so so so so slow. I called and spoke with the support team several time, and finally one of them told me because I switched to this cheap plan, my data will be slower when it's congestion time, which understandable, you get what you pay for I guess. So I asked if they can moved me back to my old plan, and they couldn't do it to keep it the same as it used to. I was forced to go with the T-Mobile One plan, $40 a line with a $20 discount if I do autopay, so now I'm paying $140/month. I was assured by the support person that my speed won't be slow again when I do this switch. Nothing has changed, data and tethering are still as slow as it could be. it's horrible, and really frustrating. Just imagine you can play mmorg game on your phone before at home or at work to can't even watch a video on youtube without being buffered.That's really terrible. And yes my youtube is buffering right now as I speak and it's at the lowest bandwidth there is. I don't know what you guys have to do to fix the issue but it's getting to the point where I'm really thinking about switching to a different provider. I would really appreciate it if this problem could be fixed. it has been going on for 3-4 months already. I'm really patient but it's fixing to run out. Thank you.

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      • syaoran

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        Tethering is throttled.  There are some plans and add-ons that do offer some LTE tethered data.

        • tmo_amanda

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          Hey, ptforever0409!


          It sounds like our plans were a tad confusing -- sorry about that. We really do try our best to be transparent. However, I think I have a good grasp on your situation with the tethering seeing as how you're on the T-Mobile ONE plan -- the regular data plan that comes with T-Mobile One only provides tethering at up to 3G speeds. In order to get faster speeds, you'll need to add the T-Mobile One Plus data plan to the line that primarily does the tethering. With T-Mobile One Plus, you'll get 20 GB of tethering data at LTE speeds. After you reach your 20 GB limit, you'll still get unlimited tethering but it'll go back down to 3G speeds. You can find more info about all of that here: T-Mobile ONE™ (Grandfathered) for Phones .


          Here's what you get with ONE Plus in addition to all your T-Mobile ONE benefits listed above:


          check.PNG  20GB of 4G LTE mobile hotspot in the US

          check.PNG  Unlimited 3G mobile hotspot after 20GB (up to 600 kbps)

          check.PNG  Unlimited HD streaming while in the US (requires activation)

          check.PNG  Unlimited data at 2x speeds in 210+ destinations abroad (up to 256 kbps)

          check.PNG  Unlimited Gogo in-flight Wi-Fi - on Gogo®-enabled flights to, from, or within the U.S.

          check.PNG  Voicemail to Text - Read voicemails on the go

          check.PNG  Name ID - Identify calls from unknown numbers



          Please let me know if you have any other questions that I can answer about the plans for you.

          • barcodeable

            Re: slow data

            To recap what you posted:


            Your original plan you were on was the Simple Choice Plan $120 (4 Lines with 10GB of Data). You upgraded 1 of those lines to have unlimited data at an extra cost of $15 per month. So now you are paying $135+ taxes and fees for (1 Unlimited Line and 3 / 10GB Lines).


            I couldn't find anywhere in your post why you migrated to a new plan. I’m guessing you left your current plan to ultimately have all of your lines “UNLIMITED”. A customer service rep assured you that if you migrated over to this newer plan your data speed will stay the same. Im also assuming they downgraded your plan over to the “T-Mobile Essentials Plan” based on your statement “you get what you pay for”. You complained to the rep your speeds have slowed down tremendously compared to your previous plan and you wanted to go back to your previous plan because the rep lied (scratch that) the rep misinformed you regarding the speeds of the new plan. The rep stated you can’t go back to your old plan because it’s nolonger available due to it being a grandfathered plan, but informed you that you can now upgrade to theT-Mobile ONE Plan. You migrated to the T-mobile ONE Plan paying now $140 a month but you still have slow data speeds.


            As tmo_amanda stated you can upgrade to the T-Mobile ONE Plus and get all of the features she listed above, but it will cost you i believe the current price is $15 each per line or since you already have atleast 2 lines under the T-Mobile ONE PLAN you can look to pay $10 per line if you add the T-Mobile ONE Plus on all of your lines. So you will ultimately pay $180 dollars with taxes and fees included to have the T-Mobile ONE Plus Plan for all of your lines.


            I understand you miss the $135 Dollars + taxes and fees you were previously paying on your account, but because you abandoned the “Grandfathered Plan” it will be almost impossible to go back to it. The rep should have explained the differences you will experience from migrating from one plan to the next, but unfortunately it appears that rep was looking for a sale more than looking to keeping a loyal customer happy. There is nothing impossible the Corporate  Team can not handle. I would suggest to contact T-Mobile Corporate and maybe they will sympathize with your situation and reinstate your Grandfathered Plan.


            I strongly suggest if anyone is thinking of leaving their current plan to go to another “NEW” Plan please ask the forum members first before you take that leap of faith. We members are not compensated by T-Mobile and we try and give you cold hard facts with information concerning our own experiences to help you make a better informed decision. There are so many customers who change plans based solely on what a T-Mobile Salesman told them. STOP BLINDLY LISTENING TO SALESMAN AND READ THE FINEPRINTS. T-Mobile says on their site what to expect with each plan. TMO_AMANDA is correct when she says the T-Mobile company stays transparent when it comes to the services they provide because it’s clearly written on their website for anyone to read.



            • ptforever0409

              Re: slow data

              Thanks all for the replies espically barcodeable.

              You got exactly what I was trying to say. I just don't want to pay anymore that's all. But the problem with the speed is not just tethering, it's the whole data thing, even if I use just my phone. I never had the slow data with my old grandfather plan even when it's busiest time of the day or whatever. And it was explain to me by the rep that my speed won't get slow anymore after switching to the Tmobile One plan because they can't switch me back to my old grandfather plan. I guess I'm going to have to stick with this until I find another one, not necessary cheaper but more reliable and faster. Because sometimes it was so slow I can't even pull google up, how funny is that, that's with 3 bars. Oh well. Thanks again everyone for replying.