How do I reset my PC to accept data transfer via USB instead of charging

    The first time I connected my LG Aristo via USB to my new Windows 10 office PC, I think I was asked to choose between recharging the phone and transferring data, and I chose "recharge." Now I badly need to transfer data, and I am not being given the option to do that. My phone transfers data fine on other computers. How do I reset this function on my Dell Optiplex PC?

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      • snn555

        I'm going to approach this from the PC side and from the phone side.


        For the phone if you drugged down from the status bar and selected recharge and you need to transfer files you can go to developer options in your phone's main settings menu but first you need to enable that. To do that you need to go to about phone go to the build number and tap on it several times until it tells you you are now a developer. Once you do that you can go into the developer options and you should be able to scroll down and find a USB until it to default to transfer files.


        as far as telling the PC what to do whenever a USB device is plugged into it and recognized that's a little trickier and you would need to go into the device manager and right click on the hub that controls that USB port and uninstall it then reboot and it will automatically reinstall that drive so that when you plug the phone back into the PC he should be recognized and ask you what you want to do once it has recognized the phone.


        hopefully one of those methods works for you however I found both of those methods on Google by asking Google in a search query.

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        • syaoran

          You should be able to do this specifically with yoru phone.  When you connect your phone to your PC, do you see a popup on your phone screen asking you how you want this device to connect to the PC?  If not, you can go into Settings, About Phone, Software Information, and tap on the Build Number 7 times.  This will enable Developer Options in the Settings menu.  Go back to Settings, Developer Options, enable USB Debugging, and keep scrolling down from there until you get to USB Configuration. Change that from Charge Phone to MTP and then reconnect it to your PC.  Your phone should now show up in My Computer or File Explorer window to access like a connected drive. 

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          • tmo_amanda

            Hey there!


            I just wanted to double check to see if you were able to get everything taken care of thanks to the helpful info that has already been provided.