What is going on with the T-Mobile app?


    The T-Mobile app was updated today and it STILL doesn't work.


    Prepaid line # 1: New app displays blank screens after logging in. Upon restoring factory installed version of app, it directs to update.


    Prepaid line # 2" Activated late December 2018. T-Mobile app has NEVER worked. "We're not ready for you yet..." Been this way for more than a month now!


    Both phones are ZTE Zmax Pro with latest updates.







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      • snn555

        Re: What is going on with the T-Mobile app?

        I cannot give you a fix a reason why it's not working or any information on a possible fix because prepaid users right now cannot use the T-Mobile app for whatever reason it is unknown to me. They keep saying they're working on it but I have seen countless posts about the subject over the past month.

          • thundertiger

            Re: What is going on with the T-Mobile app?

            I am on prepaid as well and the app DID work not to long ago.    I don't use it myself because it is just absolute garbage.  The headers along the bottom (home, account, etc) don't do anything like you might think they should.   I just tried it right now and I am getting a blank account page like Edward.


            I had setup an account online along with AutoPay when I first moved to Tmobile and have been using that ever since so have no need to use the app any more.

          • rdwilson

            Re: What is going on with the T-Mobile app?

            This app has not been working since September 2018. That's unacceptable.

            • tmo_amanda

              Re: What is going on with the T-Mobile app?

              Hey, edwardp!


              As many have mentioned, our app for prepaid users has been under construction for quite some time. With the specific message you're getting about "we're not ready for you yet" is based upon the account type and what's support for our app at the moment. I believe another update was recently rolled out over the weekend.  As far as the first issue you're having, can you confirm which version of app you're running on your ZTE device?