Super Bowl Unveiling?


    Hi everyone, I know it has been some time but I was hoping to get some clarification about the big surprise John Legere had for us during the Super Bowl. Basically, I wanted to know if the only things confirmed was the free tacos from Taco Bell and the Lyft ride? I saw threads on Reddit saying that RCS was also confirmed but no word on Twitter. I know that devices like the S9, S8, and a few others support RCS but I don't know if it actually will work with other carriers.


    As always I appreciate the help from everyone on the forum




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      • snn555

        Re: Super Bowl Unveiling?

        Lyft and Taco Bell were all I heard about read about in TMO Tues app.


        Personally, I was hoping for a device, plan, network expansion, or something really big.


        Love me some Taco Bell, but that goes along with Dunkin, socks, gas, tickets, etc....better to be told in-app than during Super Bowl.