Tons of issues, latest being data


    So I recently switched to T-Mobile, and the service has been awesome. Faster than ATT than I had in my area .I kept my ATT service, I just downgraded to the cheapest plan and put the sim in a Nokia. I am beginning to be glad that I did that and not switch my number to T-Mobile.


    So, I have been having multiple issues with my billing. I got the promotion recently that you get three lines for price of 2. Ok, cool. I got a sim in my pixel 3 xl, I'm keeping one sim for a tablet I'm going to pick up soon, and I mailed the other sim to my brother, who wanted to switch as well. My brother lives in another state 2500 miles away. So I noticed in my T-Mobile app that I didn't have the one plus, when, at the store I had specifically asked for it. So I start a chat . They say sorry, let's get that fixed, they add one plus. All is good I think until I hang up and notice my bill went up by a large margin .I call them back. In the store, I was extremely specific, wording what I was getting for however much money, and they said yeah. But it turned out they completely lied to me, at least that's what the person on the phone told me.


    But that was another issue. One that was HOPEFULLY resolved in the billing cycle like they said.  My issue now is this. My brother finally got his sim card and a phone I sent him in the mail. He gets an error saying that your data plan does not support this phone. I tested his phone phone with my current sim card, it worked great. He said his worked great then stopped working. He called me on it when he first got everything installed .My question in this:


    Is it possible to get a working service, with no issues, at the promotion price that I was told?


    I am one more bad customer experience away from just cancelling my plan and trying Sprint or Verizon. I have talked to 4 different people and gotten four completely different responses. I think the last guy fixed it though because he 'put me on hold' set the headset down, and I could hear a supervisor and him talking in the background . He had messed up my promotion pricing and the supervisor had to fix it .


    What is the best way to get this newest issue resolved.


    I apologise for being rude, but I wake up to get ready for work and I see my brother had texted me in the night sending me screenshot of his data not working. So now I get to experience the joy of trying to explain my problem to somebody and then insure that they don't mess something up again.  When I go into the T-MOBILE app it says on all three lines that I have opted out of data. Which I never did.



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