E.T.A for Android Pie on the LG V40?


    Is there an E.T.A for the Android Pie update for the LG V40?

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      • snn555

        Re: E.T.A for Android Pie on the LG V40?

        Speculation of course, but maybe by late May to late June 2019.

        • 330smg

          Re: E.T.A for Android Pie on the LG V40?

          Truly embarrassing ghat a $1,000 phone has 0 support. Pie was available to LG in June of 2018.  That was 7 months ago, how is this acceptable? Why must T-Mobile and other carriers defend incompetence?

          This is why Apple is still a dominant product, not because it is better but because it is supported. 

            • snn555

              Re: E.T.A for Android Pie on the LG V40?

              LG makes great devices, but support is a bit lacking. LG doesn't even have it's own customer support forum.  LG is very quiet on any front regarding info, and their social media support takes days to respond.


              This is why it's almost better to buy a budget or mid-range LG because since you almost have to buy a new phone to get the new version of the OS, there's not a lot of use and spending $1,000 on an LG device and wait a very long time for that OS update to arrive.


              That is precisely why I moved away from LG. Motorola is the only manufacturer readily available in the US at least near me with hardware and software where the price matches what you're getting and also includes support. Motorola is very closely tied to stock Android and the updates are much faster.  The support community exists as well. this is not me promoting Motorola over any other manufacturer necessarily but more so a comparison between two major manufacturers.


              Not to mention I don't use either anymore really since getting a OnePlus 6T.


              However you are correct about Apple and it support. It is very good in timely even if at times there have been some very buggy releases at least fixes our forthcoming quickly. However that's the only good thing for me about Apple and iOS.

              • syaoran

                Re: E.T.A for Android Pie on the LG V40?

                I tend to like the style of the V30/V30+/V35, but LG's lack of quality control ruined me for LG devices.  I also don't buy anything that has a notch or screen cutout.  Timely updates don't take away from how decent a device is though, at least in my opinion.  Security updates are important but it is more important to be aware of what the app permissions are for just about everything installed on your device are.  Most people also don't buy a device based on the update schedule.