simple choice 4 gb promotion ending


    I have been with t mobile for 22 years. The 4 gb promotion is ending for everyone on the simple choice 2.5 gb plan. Currently get 4 lines  with 4gb data  for $100 plus $26.56 in taxes with a 15% advantage discount. This makes my monthly bill a total of $101.56. They have had this promotion for over 4 years. On 2/28/19 this goes back to 2.5 gb. T mobile has no plans to extend this 4gb promotion. If I switch plans I will permanently lose my 15% discount and it will cost me $160 total for 4 lines. Any thoughts on how to get t mobile to let us loyal folks keep 4gb on current plan?

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        Re: simple choice 4 gb promotion ending

        Hey, magenta7699954!


        First off, I can't thank you enough for truly being a loyal customer. I don't know many customers that have been with us for 22 years. I checked out the promo you refer to and I see that you have a little less than two weeks left on it. Have you already talked with your local TEX team (Team of Experts)  via 611 to see what options we have to get you the best deal for the typical usage on your account? If not, I highly recommend getting in touch with them or T-Force through Facebook/Twitter to see how we can save you money on your plan as we don't have access to your account via the Support Community.