International calls to France can not be completed


    I have an international plan, and I can make calls to anywhere in the world. Calls to France can not be completed for the past 2 weeks. I am a T-mobile customer.

    I have placed several calls to customer support, and I basically faced the same level of incompetency.

    I was told to do these steps - none worked!

    1- reboot device

    2- dials 011 followed by 33, as opposed to +33


    Headquarter of my employer is in France, and this is becoming very frustrating.

    Moreover: I can place the same calls to France using

    1- Google voice or other VoIP tools from the same device

    2- call out France using other devices with another carrier (AT&T)


    I am terribly disappointed by the lack of technical expertise.

    on a side note, waiting over the phone on hold for several minutes listening to music which is just noise

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