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    I joined T-Mobile recently and received 2 phones (iphone and s9) that arrived 6 days ago.  They worked perfectly with the number that were provided but we wanted to keep our original numbers.  I ported the s9 first and waited the full 24 hrs.  The calls and text will not work at all but I have LTE service.  Called tmobile and after 3 days of calling and 2 more rebroadcasting they decided it was the sim and solution was to get a new one.  I ported the second phone a day before I went to the nearest T-Mobile store which is 2 hours away.  Left this morning to make the journey to the store (neither phone could call or text upon leaving) and noticed halfway that both phones were working. Long story short, both of the phones work until about 2 miles from my house. What is going on? They worked fine until the numbers were ported. 

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      • snn555

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        Whenever you port a line or number into TMobile or any provider you're given a temporary number until the full port completes.  after the full port completes your ported number works as it should. Why you're having an issue to miles from home I don't understand.

        • tmo_lauren

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          I've never heard of a proximity issue like the one you've described.


          Have you been able to get this resolved? If not, I absolutely suggest a ticket be filed with tech support.



            • adon1

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              I'm currently awaiting 2 new SIM cards and a signal booster to come via mail.  Still the same issue, works everywhere but the tower by my house.  Tech support was highly confused as well

                • tmo_chris

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                  I am not sure if SIM cards are going to help in this situation. It could definitely be an issue with the tower that server your home location though. Do you happen to know if they opened up a service request for this?