Issue withToggling Mobile Data After Switching to T-Mobile


    I was on ATT originally(phone was ATT specific as well) but had phone unlocked before switching to T-Mobile. I've seen a consistent issue when it comes to turning Mobile Data on and off via the settings on my Galaxy S 7. If I were to turn off mobile data at one point; then turn it back on at another point; then restart the phone later on, my mobile data will not work. The 4G sign may appear but I won't actually have any data. The settings option will show that my mobile data is enabled.


    I'm able to fix this issue by leaving the Mobile Data option turned off and then restarting the phone and then toggling that option to be back on. Is there a way to prevent this issue in the first place if at one point I want to turn off Mobile Data? This issue is probably related to me originally having ATT.

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