600MHZ Band 71 questions


    I have seen on several maps that 600MHZ B71 is up and running on the 15 freeway in California east of Victorville including most areas between there and the east Mojave desert area.

    I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 and drove from Victorville to Yermo which is just east of Barstow. I also have a copy of SignalCheck Lite on my phone which shows that band the phone is currently using.

    I never once saw the 600MHZ band come up on the phone. It almost always stayed on LTE AWS B4, and a few times changed to what was indicated as just "LTE" (no band listed).


    So my questions are:


    - IS B71 actually up and working in that area?

    - If it is, wny would the phone not pick that as its first choice? I thought this was the band that everyone was looking forward to to make Tmobile coverage so good.

    _ Is it at all possible that what I saw when I saw LTE and nothing else listed in SignalCheck Lite was indeed the 600MHZ band?

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      • landonloco

        Re: 600MHZ Band 71 questions

        If you had good signal with AWS band 4 then the phone probably prefered to stay connected to band 4 since band 71 isn't a priority band it just there so that it can cover where band 4 or 2 doesn't cover very well as to why the app sometimes the app showed LTE but no band indicator could be a big when that happened did you check directly on the phone in Samsung device you can press #0011# and all network info would be there including if the phone is using LTE A or not or if it's using 4x4 mimo if you go or pass into that area again then you can double check with the option that I give you but I guess it's probably a bug since I had a pirate premium version of the app and it sometimes displayed band 12 when I was actually connected to band 4 and it's weird that the app is showing band 4 instead of band 66 since now all phones compatible with band 66 will reflect band 4 as band 66 and I don't know if that's the case for you area but for mine it is since last year my phone reflects band 66 instead of band 4

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        • tmo_amanda

          Re: 600MHZ Band 71 questions

          Hey there, jay968!


          It looks like Band 71 just started making an appearance in the area a few weeks ago. As for why you're unable to connect to it, I agree with landonloco and drnewcomb2 that it's simply due to a network preference.