This isn't a question, but stating how terrible this new update is.


         Ok, not even gonna sugar-coat this, the new update is horrendous. The symbols look like they were designed for children, the orientation for the "all apps 'button' " on the display is awful (the old one held them like cards where you can see the majority of tabs, this one is like big open cards spread across a 16 foot table and you have to walk over and look through each one to get to the one you're looking for, or close all and start over, and they didn't think to add carousel), they screwed up my gallery,(twice mind you, orientation swap, unneeded filters and categories that auto-corrected where everything should be, etc), and the thing they REALLY shouldn't have touched was the camera controls (thanks for screwing up everything in my camera). I wouldn't give this a passing grade on a kids toy, who would trash my s9+ which I really liked "as is out of the box"? Who was responsible for this atrocity?


         Mind you this isn't whining about an update that has one or two things I don't particularly care for, this has several things I don't care for that I can't get rid of. If there is any way to revert this or work on an "update for the update" to get rid of this nightmare, please look into it, cause this isn't even remotely close. (fun fact, logged in for the first time BECAUSE of this monstrosity)

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      • rnadeau78

        I completely agree, not to mention my phone is slower ,even start up.  This update completely sucks.  I have a suspicion that the added bloat killed the processing, which is the reason for the really stupid looking icons.   I want  a down grade

        • tyson388

          I fully agree. This new "update" was the worst I've ever seen. Not only does it resemble a kids phone, it limited the features such as multi screen which I use on a daily basis and one of the main reasons I went with this phone. I feel like I have a s4 in my hand now... This is ridiculous.  Is there any way we can go back to the way it was before the update?

            • sebastian05000

              Some parts are changed but tbh OneUI was made to make things simpler especially if you use the phone with only one hand with this large phones so idk what are you complaining multi tasking is working for me btw

                • etherealwing

                  Not everybody uses a phone like a tablet. I use two hands with my phone because the positioning of the original features trained me to do so, and I use photography in my phone, I don't use one hand because it NEVER has the same level of stability as two. Secondly, "some parts are changed", more like several. It also screwed  with my text functions and several other organizational features. Not all of us need a "dumbed down" version of the display present in order to use it. My phone was lightning fast to begin with, speed was never a problem for me, but these "upgrades" are.


                  TL:DR-> It halved the performance(for me) of all the features I liked in my phone, and made it feel like a tablet. Of course I don't like it.

                    • sebastian05000

                      If you have performance issues or lag a reflash on ODIN always helps since sometimes when you do a major update like 7 to 8 some of the data get's corrupted for me it has the same performance also with my friends on the pie update

                        • etherealwing

                          You seem to be misunderstanding sebastian05000, so I will clear cut this. "The design of the UI is garbage, and is more of a downgrade than an upgrade."


                          I personally very much hate this design.  (Your discussion ->performance issues, clean install/factory reset)   [My discussion -> this UI is, in its entirety, horrible in design.] Plus, not all of us want to start from a factory reset when we are content with our phones as they are. It's irritating. I really think you missed something somewhere for the whole point of this. :/


                          Functional and organized -> increased size in layout and spread out in a manner that provides less functionality to me as a user.

                          Trim and clean UI-> Big bubbles that look like they come from a child's tablet.

                          Camera functions fine as is -> reorganized in a manner that makes it more difficult for me to take timely photos.

                          Message system was changed so In can't keep my keyboard to what I took several theme changes to find. (black 100% of the time, which for my eyes is almost necessary)

                          Instead of being allowed to see brightness change effects on my screen, the new UI blacks out everything below my top menu (for "concentration purposes"). For me this is not necessary.

                          The UI change is trying to put everything at the bottom, rather than a balance of top and bottom, which filled the phone and prevented there being wide portions of empty space.


                          Are we on the same page now?

                            • debjitjdv



                              I guess I understand what you are saying. I can suggest you a way where your data wont be lost but you have to be careful in case. As sebastian05000 mentioned, One UI was made keeping in mind that the navigation becomes easier. It was made with the idea that everyone is not a power user like me and you. The lag that you are seeing is really really making me wonder if it is T-Mo ROM issue. I have S9+ that I bought directly from Samsung, so it is an unlocked version. I was enrolled in One UI BETA program and not for a second, I regret having One UI in terms of performance and speed. Rather it is much faster than what it was in the Oreo.


                              As an initial suggestion, I would request you to give it 2-3 days. If you go to Device Care under Settings and press the three vertical dots at right top corner, you will see Auto Optimization option. Please enable that. That option should start optimizing your phone immediately based on your usage pattern. Also, the adaptive battery will start optimizing as well over the time as it learns your usage pattern. Also atleast for a few days, you might want to enable the dark mode so that the device does not have to drive all the pixels which will decrease the load on the GPU and will allow you to run smoothly.


                              The other option is to go back to Oreo but for that you have to be careful and have to aware of pros and cons. If you think you want to try that, you have to proceed with caution. But first please do the above-mentioned steps and let me know how it goes.

                                • etherealwing

                                  There are fundamental changes to core programs of the phone I don't care for. People seem to be confused on one thing, >>>>>>>the icons are the least of my problems.<<<<< Oh, and I have an s9+, speed isn't my issue unless it's on its highest resolution. The UI changed the principle format of the phone's camera, gallery, multi-tab handling, lighting focus, color schemes,keyboard, and basically everything that I had set up to perfectly suit what I needed. debjitjdv I feel like I should be modifying the main post here cause it's not as simple as changing a theme to fix what the ui screwed up :S. I would like to go back to former version, but that includes issues in its own right going forward (like the whole windows issue when people didn't want to drop windows xp for windows vista, or 7 for 8/10.)  Which, in long run, means waiting for the next failure or two to reach something that isn't terrible :S That or drop all my data into my pc and go get it swapped back to oreo :S I don't really win with this update xD

                                    • debjitjdv



                                      Well, personally I like the One UI update and its layout better than Oreo. But of course it is one's individual taste to customize their device. The data backup is not that of a hassle par se. If you can install Samsung Smart Switch app, then you can do a  raw backup dump to your MicroSD card in less than 10 minutes or so. Then once you are in Oreo, you can retrieve your data back from the backup in no time. You won't need any internet connectivity for the backup and the phone will go back to exactly the same state minus the OS.


                                      For the gallery, if possible use Google Photos. I believe it is 1000x better than the Samsung Gallery. Arranging photos, making albums, etc etc are so much easier with Google Photos that possibly Samsung will take years to achieve.

                        • magenta5636348

                          download a new theme or a new launcher if you're not happy with the icons

                          • cichids9

                            Everything you said is absolutely true. What's worse is that on my end it sends me a notification every 5 god damn minutes while I'm at home saying that Wifi calling settings have bee optimized. It does this nonstop all hours of the day when in range of the my router and when you try to silence this notification it states that this notification can't be turned off. Like hey glad you liked you phone f*** you here's that update you didn't want. If I wanted to get done this dirty I would have shelled out the cash like Robert Kraft.

                            • yousuck13

                              T Mobile does this all the time. They did this to me with my previous Samsung phone too. I currently have the Samsung Galaxy S9, and with this new update my battery is draining at double the rate! They introduce these updates that they KNOW many phones will not be able to handle to FORCE you to have to buy a new phone. I am NOT falling for it anymore. I spent $900.00 only 6 months ago on this phone and they are not getting another dime from me. I will walk around with a charger.


                              T Mobile, YOU SUCK! You are ripping people off with these software updates! You do not even give people the option to DECLINE THE UPDATE! You give people the option to either Install now, Install overnight or install later, and that is bull crap. You should give people the option to DECLINE THE UPDATE. I didn't want this update. There was nothing wrong with my phone. I was perfectly happy with my phone. Isn't it convenient that right after the phone update was complete I got a message pushing the Samsung Galaxy 10 phone on me!


                              I will take my services else where if you do not remedy this problem! 

                                • debjitjdv



                                  I am sorry to hear this. But with any major update, initially battery drain is a normal thing. It will subside in a few days. With major OS update, since a lot of system files are getting changed/updated, the hardware needs time to get along. You can try to do the following:


                                  1. Clean Wipe Cache partition

                                  2. Turn on Adaptive Battery under Settings--> Device Care--> Battery and then three vertical dots on top right side corner

                                  3. Turn on Auto Optimization under Settings -->Device Care and then three vertical dots on top right side corner


                                  In case it does not slow down battery drain, you may need to do a Factory Reset. With Pie Update and Samsung Smart Switch App, the Factory Reset is very easy, can be done in less than 30 mins with a proper backup of your phone. If you need help, feel free to ping me and then I shall walk you through.


                                  T-Mobile really has nothing to do with the software update. Samsung makes the software and T-Mobile just validates it against its network setup. I am using PIE update since One UI Beta program was launched back in Nov and I can assure you PIE is a very beautiful update with lots of new features. I have unlocked S9+ and its performance has improved and on moderate usage I can go up to 2 days on a single charge.

                                • etherealwing

                                  Can confirm battery drain with very minimal usage.

                                  • etherealwing

                                    Yep, that and they took off the equalizer labels and reversed the bass one on music for some dumb reason xD

                                    • stephtoone

                                      PREACH! I've warned everyone I know to not update to Pie. I've been on chat with support a couple times since my update on the 19th. Not only do I hate it for UI reasons, it is cutting all of my text messages into multi part, numbered texts. Like old flip phones would due to a character limit! It is driving me insane! There is *supposedly* a patch coming from Samsung soon but, yeah. Been through every option, reset, and setting - no fix. At least now I'm not also sending every message in duplicate. Sooooo frustrating! They've told me to try a factory reset but would that do anything? I doubt it! It would just be a hassle.