A week of horrible TMobile service


    Okay so last Wednesday I was in Denver Colorado picking up a load. I used my TMobile phone to check weather and road conditions going towards Nebraska.

    A short time later I stopped in brush Colorado, weather was starting to get a little nasty so I pulled out my phone and I see I have no service, no data or cellular service.

    So I rebooted my phone and when it comes on I am connected to some cellular service in Colorado however it doesn't work. I tried to go into settings and tried to connect back with TMobile.

    Nothing worked.

    fortunately I have Verizon as a backup plan.

    To save time

    This was TMobile service in the following areas

    Nebraska zip nada

    Iowa: around Des Moines I got some cellular service no data service

    Minnesota; absolutely no service absolutely none.

    So I go from Minnesota back to Nebraska into Wyoming. Around Cheyenne I got partial coverage once I left the cheyenne area it was bye bye tmobile service. ThenI  got delay by weather for several days in Wyoming no service.

    So finally I get into Utah around salt lake City Utah I get coverage but it's spotty at best and keeps dropping

    So where did I finally re establish service?

    In wendover Nevada.

    Overall I have very pleased with my service with TMobile. However the more time I spend on the road the more issues I have with service with TMobile.

    Thinking it's time either go full time with Verizon or switch back to project fi

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