Why mid range phone doesn't support on t mobile basic LTE A


    Hi, I am wondering why mid range devices on t mobile refuses to do basic LTE A when they can do it on paper. My phone an LG stylo 3 plus is capable of two way CA between band 2,4 and 17, my market can do CA between band 2 and band 4 through not everywhere and when there is some LTE A it only activates with high end devices like iPhones or galaxy S series. In other carriers like AT&T even mid range phones do CA with different band combinations but thing is they can do it then why not t mobile, there times when one band can be quite congested but if you combine the capacity of two of them in most cases speeds duplicate not by a lot but the difference is there. For example I can be on a area with LTE A available and my phone which doest detect it or connect to it gets 2mbps meanwhile the high end phone can get 7mbps with the bands combined so yeah it can make a difference in most cases

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      • tmo_mike_c

        I'm wondering if it's the area you're in that's causing the speeds you're seeing. Are you running speed tests in various areas to see if they increase? I'd also like to know if they increase if you change the to 4G or 3G.

        • dragon1562

          There are various reasons for why this can be happening but the most likely ones are software and hardware differences. It is possible that the device just has poor antenna positioning or software that misjudges the signal strength of the second connection. Also, I wanted to clarify that T-mobile doesn't use band 17. This isn't a T-mobile issue but device issue since as you mentioned other devices are not being affected.

            • landonloco

              Well signal wise I don't think is the case because I have saw in other devices like my grandfather J7 it's the same thing altrough I haven't tested extensively but it seems common in mid range devices as for band 17 yes I know band 17 isn't supported for t mobile but most areas in CA is only on band 2 and 4  band 12 isn't even available in my market so I don't have to worry about band 12. I have to wait till the LTE A is activated in my town so in order to test a bit more I would have to wait to test a bit more. But still it's odd that I haven't seen a single time I have been connected to LTE A so it's odd that even if my hardware is weaker that I would at least see it spontaneously at least once. My other theory would be that t mobile doesn't do LTE A on cheap phones due to some type of software limitation or I don't know hardware in the tower