Whither  tmomail?


    What are peoples' experiences with the spam rules at tmomail.net?  I can email a

    SMS or MMS from one external account hosted in Amazon's cloud, but not another

    account at a slightly less mainstream but perfectly legitimate email provider.  No

    bounce came back from the failure, it was just never delivered.


    The gateway is handy, especially for folks with old phones/accounts that can't text.

    I'd be interested in others' results, like sending from gmail, comcast, aol, hotmail,

    fastmail, etc.  Does a quick test msg get through to YOURNUMBER@tmomail.net?


    I found old threads describing messages getting outright rejected, but the silent

    drop is a different problem.

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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Whither  tmomail?

        In The Old Days® T-Mobile had e-mail tools that included the ability to set up an e-mail alias (e.g. Joe.Blokes@tmomail.net). This was very effective at preventing spam e-mails. The only time I ever got an uninvited e-mail was from another customer who wanted to know who got the alias he wanted. I believe that T-Mobile would serve their customers well by bringing back a version of the Text-E-mail tools that would allow customers to set up an e-mail alias and tune their spam filters with white lists, etc.

          • hobbit

            Re: Whither  tmomail?

            Sorry, "what they used to do" is not a satisfactory answer.  I want to know when they're going

            to restore basic functionality, that seems to have broken within the last month.


            And sn555, you're really being less than helpful.  I don't understand how a supposed "pillar"

            cuts other people down as often as you seem to and holds some exalted status.

            • srickar

              Re: Whither  tmomail?


              I am the spam admin for @tmomail.net. The alias feature was not carried over to the new vendor because the use of alias was very slim margin. Global filtering is still handled by the spam filtering provider. Spam filters are dynamic and can change hourly due to real time threats and DNSBL trends.  If you are experiencing blocked messages, send me a follow/PM and I would be happy to look at the block reason. An SMTP rejection code should be visible for most SMTP conditions.

                • hobbit

                  Re: Whither  tmomail?

                  Okay, I'm trying to do the follow/contact dance.  Not even sure why that is necesaary

                  before sending a PM, but whatever...  good to know that you potentially have hands

                  on the problem; I'll provide a specific example once the pipe is open.


                  tnx, I hope this will be more broadly instructive.

              • snn555

                Re: Whither  tmomail?

                I have never used tmo mail.  I can't think of a reason to.  Never have .

                • hobbit

                  Re: Whither  tmomail?

                  To bump this a little and add some context ...


                  It looks like tmomail.net is quietly dropping messages from *T-Mobile's own infrastructure*,

                  proof being that where I used to get notifications about certain events on these forums

                  sent to MYNUMBER@tmomail.net, those don't come through anymore despite the valid

                  events happening.  So somebody really needs to take a hard look at tmomail.net's

                  server setup and fix whatever rules are in the way of that.


                  I noted that someone named "srickar" seemed to have visibility into this on other threads.  Who is that?

                  • snn555

                    Re: Whither  tmomail?

                    Seems to be a customer using these forums. srickar

                    • hobbit

                      Re: Whither  tmomail?

                      This has been more or less resolved, about as well as it's ever going to be.  "Srickar" was kind enough to

                      dip into the logs and visible rulesets on tmomail.net and observe that indeed, there was some SPF confusion

                      about which sources are authorized to send email claiming to be from "@t-mobile.com".  Which this very support

                      site does, on a fairly regular basis.  If a recipient address happens to be via the tmomail.net gateway, obviously

                      that needs to be let through, so in theory now that will work reliably.


                      The remainder of the difficulty is far more complex.  In effect, the spam-prevention infrastructure around

                      tmomail.net is being run by robots instead of humans now, with several different dynamic block-list and

                      content-scanning providers in play, and the rules those apply can change very quickly.  We also had a little

                      confusion about what's a SMTP envelope address versus a From: line, which spam gateways will examine

                      differently.  There's apparently even a problem when Subject: lines are sent to be delivered via SMS, but

                      I'm sure that some people's automated notification systems do that so it should not be grounds for rejection

                      by itself.  [The SMS comes up as Subject / Message anyway, so obviously the gateway is happy to handle it.]


                      So all told, delivery is less reliable than we'd like it to be but the criteria are effectively out of anyone's

                      hands to have fine-grained control over.  Srickar was able to add a specific exception for one use case,

                      but the rest is being decided by machines.  I appreciate that effort and it's good to know that someone

                      with engineering chops and working hands on the right resources is participating here.


                      Hopefully engineering staff will continue looking at the spam-rejection logs and work on eliminating

                      further false positives.

                      • eric_wmfr

                        Re: Whither  tmomail?

                        We are experiencing the same issues for notifying our firefighters to send notifications.  Our domain cannot send a single sms/mms via exchange.  I can send from my personal account.  We get barracuda blocked message.

                          • srickar

                            Re: Whither  tmomail?

                            If you are getting a blocked message, what is the SMTP Code? If its 550, its likely SPF related. I will send you a follow request.

                              • eric_wmfr

                                Re: Whither  tmomail?

                                We have a valid SPF record



                                v=spf1 a mx ~all

                                Prefix    Type      Value    PrefixDesc          Description

                                v              version spf1                       The SPF record version

                                +             a                              Pass       Match if IP has a DNS 'A' record in given domain

                                +             mx                          Pass       Match if IP is one of the MX hosts for given domain name

                                ~             all                            SoftFail Always matches. It goes at the end of your record.

                                Test       Result

                                                DNS Record Published   DNS Record found

                                                SPF Record Published     SPF Record found

                                                SPF Record Deprecated No deprecated records found

                                                SPF Multiple Records      Less than two records found

                                                SPF Contains characters after ALL              No items after 'ALL'.

                                                SPF Syntax Check             The record is valid

                                                SPF Included Lookups     Number of included lookups is OK

                                                SPF Type PTR Check        No type PTR found

                                                SPF Void Lookups             Number of void lookups is OK

                                                SPF Exceeds Maximum Character Limit   String lengths are OK.


                                Here is NDR



                                A problem occurred while delivering this message to this email address. Try sending this message again. If the problem continues, please contact your helpdesk.

                                The following organization rejected your message: d79033b.ess.barracudanetworks.com.






                                Diagnostic information for administrators:

                                Generating server: securemail.westmetrofire.org



                                Remote Server returned '<d79033b.ess.barracudanetworks.com #5.0.0 smtp; 550 permanent failure for one or more recipients (3034890379@tmomail.net:blocked)>'


                                Eric Bates

                                Network Administrator

                                West Metro Fire Rescue

                                433 S. Allison Pkwy

                                Lakewood, CO  80226


                                Phone (303) 989-4307 #796

                                Cell (720) 641-5827


                            • dougdrees65

                              Re: Whither  tmomail?

                              So, I have Microsoft Exchange, used by my company for email, to send me a text message via tmomail.net when meetings will start soon. It has worked great for a few years. But in the last week, the email bounces and treats my emails to myself as spam. The email comes from pelco.com but is refused. I get this message back:

                              550 5.7.350 Remote server returned message detected as spam -> 550 permanent failure for one or more recipients (970214****@tmomail.net:blocked)


                                • srickar

                                  Re: Whither  tmomail?

                                  Due to ongoing phishing attacks from international GeoIP phishing, all international IP’s are indefinitely not being accepted.

                                  This particular outbound.protection.outlook.com for that domain is sending from, contains an IP registered to Austria.


                                  Spammers are registering millions of throwaway email accounts tied to international IP's outside of north american location and spamming back toward @tmomail.net attempting to phish for Netflix and social media passwords. Until the spam storm has subsided, the GeoIP policy will remain in effect.

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