Wireless calling notifications driving me crazy


    Two Galaxy S9+, took OS update two days ago, now we're getting constant notifications, sound just like a text.  Says we cannot turn off this notification, even digging through the apps setting.


    I've turned off the sound on my phone it's so bad.  We get them sometimes every 1-2 minutes.


    This situation is horrible and unacceptable.  I don't want to change carriers.



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      • snn555

        You may not be able to stop the notifications but you can stop the sounds. If you go into your phone's settings for apps and notifications you can go to notifications and you can make adjustments there. This should lower the priority and mute the sound even though you will get a notification. Changing carriers won't do any good because all carriers have the same operating system on that same device.


        I will use my systems tab to show the notifications that I can turn on and off. This is just an example.



          • magenta7793334

            Thanks for the tips.  Unfortunately, disabling the sound notification has been disabled with this update.  Here are two screen shots.

            Anything else I can try?  It's a system app, maybe there's another version I can replace it with?


            First is from system apps.

            This is from details...  Note the grayed out unable to change setting.

              • snn555

                Wow Samsung really locked it down with that update didn't they? You've got the right app notification screen unfortunately there's nothing that can be done about that. I do know that I have my Wi-Fi calling set to Cellular preferred. I don't get these notifications. The only time I get a notification is if the signal is less than my Wi-Fi signal and then I might get a small visual notification, but no sound.


                if you're able to you might try cellular preferred and see if that helps. I know that when I have Wi-Fi preferred I get the icon and the persistent notification from the status bar.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Wow, that's pretty nuts! Are you getting notifications from a specific app or apps? Also, are out getting notification on the screen or is this like phantom sounds not tied to anything?

              • tmo_mike_c

                Did you still need some help with this? If so, let us know if the notifications are coming from a specific app. Thanks.