Incompetent workers? Offers rip-off? What is going on with promotions?


    First of all, Hi! Hope you are having a wonderful day. I have a question about the promotion for the LG G6 (I know, that was 2 years ago). I don't like to get offers because there is always something hiding behind them but I took a chance and man... I got BBBUUUUURRRRNNNN badly. The promotion was related to the G Pad X 8.0. So it was but the phone get the tablet for free. Thing is, the tablet was free by buying it and then they would reimburse the money with a visa card for the value of the tablet. I ask multiple times on how to get the visa card and this was the response: "You have to pay for the tablet first then you will get the money back via a visa card". I told him that I did not have the money to pay for that in one go and he said that I could pay it on installments. I asked several times in English and in Spanish that if I were to pay the tablet in 24 months or sooner, I would get the visa card by the last payment. He said YES to every single time I asked. He never said anything about having to file some sort of form to be able to get the Visa card or that the promotion had an expiration date. I only came to find out about these past days when I was done paying for the tablet. That means that either the worker was a super incompetent guy that knew nothing about the promotion or that he was instructed to not tell anyone about how to get the money back or BOTH. Anyone else with a similar problem? Other promotions that were a total RIP-OFF? I cannot believe that the reward for being with this company for almost 10 years is to be taken as a fool. I am definitely changing carries as soon as I'm done paying my phone (two more months).

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