Map says good coverage in my area, but I have no service.


    I just switched to T-Mobile a few days ago. I've been with Verizon for years, and always had awesome coverage, but a horrible bill. I was paying $218/mo for two lines. I wanted to save money. My bill with T-Mobile will be a lot lower, but I can't use my phone. At this point, it's just Wi-Fi only, even though the coverage map says I have good or great coverage in my area. I missed an emergency call from my son's school today because I had no service.


    I'm on a T-Mobile for Business plan, I brought my iPhone 7 with me since it works fine, but I've got no service. My wife has an LG G7 and she's having the same issue. Every once in a while I'll pick up one bar, even though I'm in a "great coverage" area of the map. I checked the map before switching, and it showed good coverage pretty much everywhere we regularly go. But the map was either inaccurate, or someone is about to sell me on an upgrade to make my phone work. Not sure which to expect. When I see I have no service, I'll turn on airplane mode, and turn it back off. It picks up full bars, immediately drops to 1 bar again, and then a few minutes later it's back to no service. If there's a setting I need to change, I would have hoped someone would tell me.


    I can't have no service. I can't keep missing calls. It made me furious to miss an emergency call from my son's school this morning because of this problem. This is the number listed on my business cards too, so it's pretty important that it works. Am I just screwed? Do I just have to switch back and keep getting robbed with Verizon's high costs? I really want to like T-Mobile. I really do. I hope someone can tell me how to fix this problem.

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      • dragon1562

        Let me just preface this by stating I am not a T-mobile employee but a customer like yourself. Now that this is out of the way. I wanted to ask if the service was like this everywhere. Like indoors and outdoors. I also wanted to ask if you knew anyone else with T-mobile so that you could see if service was bad for them as well. If you don't know anyone else with T-mobile would I would try calling into T-mobile to inform them about your issue. They would have the tools necessary to look at account related details as well as being able to determine if a tower is down or if a tower is using a frequency that your phone doesn't support.


        If your comfortable can you post the zip of a region that is being affected. There are a ton of people on the forum that are well versed in pulling tower locations and signal type for an area thanks to third-party resources that have consumer-reported data collected.


        Sorry if this wasn't exactly what you were looking for but there is not much tweaking you can do with an iPhone. With the exception of checking your APN settings on both devices. However, you mentioned being able to connect LTE in the past so I doubt it was that.

          • samuraidaugherty

            There's no one else here on T-Mobile at work. My wife is the only other person I know that has it, and she's having the same problem.


            To answer your other questions, it is indoors and outdoors. In fact, I had one bar when I left for work, and lost the signal about 3 blocks away (my Spotify cut out, which is how I knew). My commute is only 1.8 miles. Standing outside of the office, sometimes it's one bar, sometimes it's no service. And that happens standing in the same spot. I've gone out and tried it several times, trying to call my son's school back. Work address is 1200 E. Glen Ave., Peoria Heights, IL 61616. Map shows great coverage here. I sit directly next to a window on the east side of the building, and have no service still. If I turn airplane mode on, and then back off, it'll pick up one bar. But it drops that bar after about 5 minutes.


            I reached out to customer service already. They had me do a network settings reset, and then restart the phone. Which I did. And it's still having the same issue. My iPhone is running the most recent software version as well, so the OS isn't outdated at all. I think it's just bad coverage area, despite what the map might say. I'm guessing the map is just an estimated coverage quality based on tower locations? But real-world results are pretty dismal thus far.

              • dragon1562

                Hmm that is super interesting because T-mobile does have Verified coverage. I checked Rootmetrics, Opensignal, and Sensorly as well and saw that coverage has been confirmed there with T-mobile. It is a shame that no one has T-mobile there because I would love for them to test it for you. As far as your wife's phone is concerned I would look into trying a different area and seeing if she is able to connect the same with your device. Also make sure APN settings are correct on her device. Sorry again if this isn't very helpful but to really get this resolved you would be best working with a T-force agent or wait on someone else on the forum to see the post that might have an idea. I am personally at a loss for why the iPhone isn't working unless there is a bug in IOS again like when IOS 12 first released.

                  • drnewcomb2

                    Peoria is in an area where T-Mobile does not have a band-12 license and there are several TV stations that have to be relocated before band-71 can be used. This means that all T-Mobile's service in that part of Illinois is based on mid-band licenses (e.g. bands 2 & 4/66). This can create a lot of little dead spots and issues with indoor service but I wouldn't expect the service to be that bad, except inside some windowless buildings. I checked for coverage in Peoria and it looks like it should be good. I don't know what's happening with your phones. Which model of G7 does your wife have? (Who supplied it? It will have a model number like G710VMP.)


                    Before you give up. Try one thing. Go into the phone's network settings and try to manually select US Cellular's signal (311-580) and see what happens.


                    If you can't make T-Mobile work for you but you don't want to pay Verizon's prices I might suggest Cricket. They're a MVNO that runs on AT&T's network but costs a lot less. My son's been happy with their service.

                      • samuraidaugherty

                        See, and that doesn't help me at all. I'm sitting at work right now, with no signal. I need to access something off-network, and can't use my hotspot. The lack of T-mobile service is literally crippling my ability to be productive. I run a web company, and I can't test my websites on mobile, without being connected to my network. I'm trying to test functionality of off-network items, and I can't.


                        This isn't going to work. I will be in touch with Verizon tonight to switch back. I tried. I really did. I wanted T-mobile to work, but after 2 weeks it's becoming more frustrating than it should be. My wife can't receive picture messages, and can't view them anywhere else. This just sucks. I'm sure T-Mobile has areas where the service works, but this isn't one of them. It was worth a shot I guess.

                • drnewcomb2

                  Did you check to see if you could connect to US Cellular?  I mean, it probably won't work but could it hurt to try?


                  BTW, I'm not trying to get you to stay with T-Mobile. Just want you to have some options.