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    Recently switched to Tmobile and have had mixed experiences with coverage. Live in Paris , TX and have had decent coverage, but drove from Paris, TX to Mount Pleasant, TX the past two days and had almost no coverage. This area is listed as having fair coverage, had no signal in most of the area and had 1 bar of 4G part of the time. This is a rural area, but is a major state highway. Does anyone know if there are tower issues and if they will be resolved. Make this trip often and don‘t like the idea of not being to make a call in case of an emergency.

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      • landonloco

        Re: Coverage in NE Texas

        Well it isn't a tower issue it just a coverage issue fair coverage means you might have two bars of service at best, as for the emergency call 911 by law should work with or without signal since it's required by law

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Coverage in NE Texas

          "Fair" is T-Mobile's way of saying, "maybe". Check your actual coverage on, or If you have an Android phone you might want to install the CellMapper or Sensorly map and contribute to the mapping effort.

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          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Coverage in NE Texas

            Oh, that's sad times, having no service but I can give you some insight about the towers there. I don't see any outages, but for fair coverage, the stronger coverage will be outdoors. So, depending on exactly where you are, the coverage may be different as you travel. Also, depending on the phone you have, changing the band frequency your phone connects to can help.

            • sbarney

              Re: Coverage in NE Texas

              Curious about your phone-- is it from another carrier, or is it a generic iPhone (those are usually fine on all carriers) -- but a lot of newer coverage is using the newer frequencies. Was there anything on the coverage map that said, like "high-speed in this area requires a compatible phone"?