Is using a WiFi Hot Spot a Good Option for Extended International Travel


    I will likely be out of the country for greater than 3 months and understand that my International Roaming may be at risk or "excessive roaming" and looking for some options.  I got a notice last year and frankly was using a fair amount of data because of limited access to WiFi.


    My primary option that I've come up with is to put my Samsung 9+ on Airplane Mode and just enable WiFi calling from minute I leave the US.  This means I should not hit any non-US cell towers and be 100% WiFi for text and calls. 


    I plan on purchasing a Pocket Hot Spot for when I am not connected to a stationary WiFi router. I can purchase a Hot Spot and 50GB of data in the country I will be staying in locally using a well know cellular provider for 99 Euros and reload as needed.  Take that hot spot with me wherever I go (its pretty small).


    Can the forum please confirm if I am diligent about using WiFi only that TMobile's Excessive International Roaming Policy mostly likely will not come into play?


    I understand the rules about calling to the US vs International and the 25 cent per minute stuff.


    My hope is by doing this I stay within the guidelines and can actually have 4G via the hot spot as well as receive and make calls to the US seamlessly.



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      • snn555

        As long as your use internationally is not on cellular networks and is all on Wi-Fi you should be fine. After all you will be using another provider's signal not T-Mobile.

        • syaoran

          I have roamed out of th country for more than 3 months before.  I never had any issues.  I wasn't using much data though or calling.  Mostly texts and about 3GB of LTE data a month.  As long as the majority of your use is within the US in a given year, there should be no issue at all. 

            • greekfreak

              Last summer after 3 months when I was abroad I did get notice that I had 30 days to reconnect to a US tower or my international roaming would be suspended and that is when I learned about "excessive roaming" more than I wanted to know.  I went to TMobile because I do travel for extended periods out of the country and it's been awesome. Last summer however I did not have access to wifi for a long period of time, tethered etc to connect to the US but no calls as I used Skype for Calling.  My wife was with me and was on a land based wifi for her heavy use and got zero notice.


              Because of the notification I just want to make sure I don't loose access to my TMobile service.  I can get a local phone and number but that is carrying another device.  The Hot Spot as long as I stay in the rules seems a choice that I have yet to see on any message boards.  Frankly having a 4G hotspot for calling and such is way better than the 256KB connection.  Yes it is another gadget and has to be kept charged up, but they are pretty small and I always carry an extra external battery when I am on the road and away from a wall plug.


              Any other suggestions from someone from TMobile?

            • tmo_chris

              If you are using Wi-Fi calling, you will not be flagged for excessive roaming.

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