Shipping Dates for S10 keeps getting pushed back


    I pre-ordered two Galaxy S10s on Feb 22. The estimated ship date on the websites shows an estimated ship date of 3/29 to 4/12. Every time I check my order status the shipping date has been pushed back. It has gone from 4/2 to 4/16 and is now showing 5/16 to 6/6. I have not been able to reach anyone in order support, every time I try calling the number shown on my order I just get a fast busy tone and am unable to get anyone to answer my call. This is not the support I expected. I could understand that there might be a delay in getting enough inventory but it seems like my shipping date keeps getting pushed back. I would expect that I should remain at the same place in line rather than keep seeing my shipping date getting delayed.

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      • theartiszan

        The problem is they are probably getting pushed dates from Samsung too. I pre-ordered from them as soon as it went live and they still have not shipped mine either.

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        • tidbits

          I ordered mine from Samsung.  It said delivered by March 8, 2019.  I just got it last night, and a few of my accessories that says the same date hasn't shipped yet.  If Samsung who has first dibs are missing shipping dates then wouldn't be surprised carrier ones are getting pushed even farther.  Not much carriers can do.  If you see other carrier forums you'll probably see the same type of thread.

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          • tmo_amanda

            Good morning, rjsimon001!


            Unfortunately, you're not alone in this and this is typically what happens with a preorder solely based upon the inventory we receive. We do our absolute best to estimate how many devices we'll be receiving in each variant, but inventory changes sometimes without a lot of notice. You can join in the conversation with others regarding your Samsung preorder here: Official Samsung Galaxy S10 Pre-order & Discussion Thread  and I think you'll find others in the same situation. I don't want to get your hopes up in an earlier shipping date, but from my personal experience working device launches for a few years,  with a date pushed so far out you are likely to see an earlier date (earlier than 5/16 - 6/6).