Worst phone disaster


    What's your worst phone or movile device disaster? I had a PDA  that I took on a walk and it got wiped out by a rainstorm. A friend drove over his phone (don't ask me how). Any similar stories?

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Worst phone disaster

        This topic is sure to generate some funny and not so funny stories!


        My worst phone disaster luckily isn't too bad. I used to carry my phone in my back pocket and someone hit my back pocket with a drum mallet and shattered the screen.

        • drnewcomb2

          Re: Worst phone disaster

          Not me but a friend was at home during Hurricane Katrina. When the water started to rise he escaped from his house in his pajamas with only his dog and cell phone. Then he dropped the phone in the salty storm water. I ran into him a week later and heard his story and asked if he still had the SIM (he used Cingular). He wasn't sure about the SIM (whatever that is) but he had the phone. I went home and got an unlocked GSM phone, brought it back and we swapped his SIM. As soon as the phone powered up he began getting text messages from people who didn't know if he was dead or alive.


          The worst thing that's happened to me is that I dropped a phone and broke the screen.

          • tmo_mike_c

            Re: Worst phone disaster

            Oh, this hits home on so many levels.


            I was on a water ride and I had my phone and some friends' phone in my water resistant bag. Keep in mind, most of the people we saw get off the ride didn't get wet at all. I think, "Ah, our phones will be fine." Needless to say, I was wrong. Water thrashed and splashed us so badly we were soaked by the end. My bag was also. Two phones were ruined that day. I wanted to get a new phone anyway and it seems that fate created an opportunity sooner than I wanted.


            R.I.P. Nexus 5x. You are gone, but not forgotten.

            • tmo_phillip

              Re: Worst phone disaster

              So, my first ever cell phone was a Motorola V100. It was a great little phone. I could call, text, play Snake, you name it. Being a teen, and this being my first phone, I of course left it in my jeans to be subsequently murdered in a soapy sea of colors.


              That alone is a sad (and probably common) story, but it gets worse. So after seeing what I had done, instead of alerting my parents I headed to the local Cricket store (again, I was young so give me a break) and presented the now dead device. I claimed that it just stopped working and needed a new one. They took it to the back, I now realized that they opened it up, took one look at the bright red LDI, probably exchanged a knowing glance, and came back to tell me that I was fooling exactly no one.


              The bright side is that a few years later I would enter the work force, leading me to do tech support for T-Mobile, where I could help folks out and also see right through the occasional false tale of woe.


              RIP wherever you are, you magnificent Motorola. You deserved better.

              • tmo_chris

                Re: Worst phone disaster

                I have two stories haha.


                Galaxy S7 Edge - about 3 years ago


                Had the phone for 2 months, and had insurance on my account for the past 12 years (never used it once). It was Mother's day and I was bent over cutting some flowers for the Wife and my Mom and the phone slipped out of my shirt pocket and fell 1.5 feet to the ground and it cracked....... $175 deductible later and I had a new phone. One week after i got that phone, I had it in my back pocket and slid out of my truck seat and it cracked the phone....... another $175 later and I had a new phone and was blocked from filing another insurance claim for a year since you can only have 2 replacements a year.


                I have had almost every android phone released since the G1, multiple Blackberrys dating back to the black and white screen ones with the scroll wheel on the side, couple sidekicks, an iPhone, some older Nokia and Motorola phones   and this was the first phone I ever broke, and I broke it twice in one weeks time. I blame it on the double edge of the phone.


                Nokia 3390 - about 17 years ago


                I was living with some friends and I was the only one with a cell phone so they would often use it to call people, sometimes, without even asking me. Great friends I know. One of my friends took my phone while I was sleeping and when I woke up in the morning, my phone would not power on. I opened up the back to pull the battery and there was the smalllllllllllllllllllet drop of condensation on the battery and I didn't think anything of it. I called T-Mobile (who was my carrier before I started working for them) and processed a warranty exchange. One month later i get my bill with a $300 OOW fee for water damage and I was mad/confused. Fast forward 2 years later, my friend came clean with me and told me he had been drinking and went out to the pool at our apartment that night to call his girlfriend and apparently fell into the pool with my phone..........I still ask him for that $300 to this day. He thinks it's a joke...... but I'm serious haha.

                • dc5fan

                  Re: Worst phone disaster

                  About 12 years ago I was a merchandiser that took care of 2 Lowes stores. I had to use a PDA to do certain tasks and take pictures of what I did. At night I used a phone modem to send the info.


                  Some months later I had to attend a meeting with other merchandisers near St. Louis. Half-way through the meeting the district manager brought up the subject regarding the PDAs. We were also given HP cameras that would load pics to the PDAs. The district manager brought up a problem using the camera for company use, not personal use. Well, one of the female merchandisers, who was a nice looking lady, had asked her husband to take some pics. He reached up, not looking, and grabbed the company HP camera. That next day she was sending her day's work not realising those pics were still in the CF card. You can guess what happened  back at the company's headquarters.


                  Also at that meeting there  a merchandiser had taken his PDA to the bathroom, and guess what? You got it! It fell in the commode!


                  And how was your day?