Motorolla G5 Plus Wi-Fi calling issues


    After upgrading my G5 Plus to Oreo, I am having issues with my Wi-Fi calling. Every time the phone is turned on, Wi-Fi calling stops working totally. So if there is no network coverage, the phone becomes unreachable. It shows various errors like the following,







    Even though it's happening after I upgraded to Oreo, the issue is specific to T-mobile subscribers. I have found several people who are having similar issues. For example,



    So far this is affecting on T-mobile users. There are few things that I tried,


    • Reset my phone completely. Did not work.
    • Went to a T-mobile store. They reset the SIM settings and couple of other things, did not work.
    • Called T-mobile customer care, they said on their end everything is fine. Asked me to try couple of things. Did not work.


    I live in a apartment where the network is really sketchy. So often people cannot reach me. The only way to resolve this is to restart the phone every day. After restarting, the W-Fi calling works for some time, then goes back to the same error again. I have captured a bug report when this happens, can share if needed.

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      • tmo_amanda

        Re: Motorolla G5 Plus Wi-Fi calling issues

        Hey, protik77!


        I'm sorry these annoying WiFi calling errors keep popping up. It's helpful to know that this started after the software update and what steps you've already taken. I've noted some steps to take for the two different errors that you've seen on your phone. I'm surprised that when you talked to Care a ticket wasn't filed but let's see if we can keep you from having to restart your phone every day.


        ER081 Error:

        1. Turn on and then turn off Wi-Fi Calling.
        2. Turn the phone off and on again.
        3. Try to access the web on the phone over Wi-Fi.
        4. If the error keeps popping up, restart the router and modem.
        5. Then try to access the web on the phone over Wi-Fi.
        6. If available, test the SIM card in another device to see if the same error pops up.
        7. If issue continues, please Contact Us to file a trouble ticket.


        ER04 DNS Error:

        This error displays when no response received to first DNS query (typically ISP-related)


        1. Open a web page in the device's browser.
        2. If Internet does not work, restart the router.
        3. If browsing over Wi-Fi works, check to see if there is a firewall enabled.
        4. Disabling/enabling Wi-Fi should be attempted.
        5. If the issue persists, we recommend you contact your internet service provider.
          • protik77

            Re: Motorolla G5 Plus Wi-Fi calling issues

            Hi amanda,


            Thanks for your thoughtful reply.


            If it was not clear, the issues happens regardless of the Wi-Fi network I am connected to. Be it home, be it in my office or any public Wi-Fi network for that matter.


            So it's either all the Wi-Fi networks in US has the same issue, or it's the phone. I will let you decide which one.

              • snn555

                Re: Motorolla G5 Plus Wi-Fi calling issues

                As the first of two last-ditch efforts you may want to either reset the network settings or factory reset the phone. neither one of these should really be I need adoption however if all else fails and you have warranty or are within a manufacturer's warranty. You might find that getting a replacement would help.

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                • tmo_amanda

                  Re: Motorolla G5 Plus Wi-Fi calling issues

                  Gotcha! It most definitely sounds like a phone issue, but I 100% agree with snn555 that we should try to reset the network settings first. If that doesn't do the trick, we should attempt a master reset. If all else fails, a warranty exchange would be the next step.

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                    • vought

                      Re: Motorolla G5 Plus Wi-Fi calling issues

                      The phone is not the problem. Oreo is the problem. My wife and I have the same phone (G5 Plus). She upgraded to Oreo and has had nothing but problems ever since. As a result, I did not and will not upgrade to Oreo. The Oreo upgrade should never have been approved for the G5 Plus.

                      My wife is having this same DNS error when WiFi calling is turned on. My phone is still running Android 7.0 and I have no WiFi calling issues. Give G5 Plus users a way to roll back to Android 7.0 or another 7.x version of Android. That's the only way to fix this problem.

                • nrs2019

                  Re: Motorolla G5 Plus Wi-Fi calling issues

                  This happens to me frequently.  The solution is to reboot the phone.  It's annoying.  My wife has the exact same phone and it doesn't happen to her, so maybe it is a hardware issue.