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    Has anyone actually used this 600mhz flip phone phone yet? What Android Version is it? Play Store? Hot Spot Capable? I have a need for 100 pieces if it can be used as a hot spot.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Coolpad Snap

        Good questions!


        I haven't used this phone myself, but the current Android version is Build number: 8.1.3311A.TMO.181009.21. For this and more info, check out the following link for more info. Coolpad Snap

          • pyatrus5145

            Re: Coolpad Snap

            I started using it yesterday.


            Although not the greatest quality/durability (IMHO -- my previous phone was a rugged, Samsung Rugy III), which makes me nervous about accidents with it, it does appear to have the functionality mentioned on the T-Mobile product Web sites (e.g., Android 8, Linux 3.18 kernel, etc.).


            Having a flip-phone (aka feature phone) that has the latest radio (i.e., LTE/VoLTE) and basic Internet capabilities (for emergencies, etc.) is great. Yup. It's a bit slow, very small screen if you are a smartphone type of person (I use a Google Nexus 7 (2013) for Internet stuff), but it does have a browser with pre-installed links to Amazon, eBay, etc.)


            Voice quality is excellent (the LTE and VoLTE support appear to be the reason, as well as the dual microphones).


            Wi-Fi calling ONLY appears to work if your Wi-Fi configuration (i.e., your Wi-Fi router) broadcasts the SSID. Many of us do NOT broadcast the SSID as part of a multi-form security strategy so this feature is unavailable to us as a result.


            I don't see any access to Google Play Store (& doubt if any Play apps are built for the Coolpad Snap -- but I'm happy to be proven wrong). I haven't tried the hotspot function, but it is listed on the product page. The T-Mobile Web site also lists an FM radio, but if there is one, I haven't found it. (The T-Mobile Web site lists the Coolpad Snap on several pages, with some "variation" as to features, specs, etc.  Hopefully, that will be cleaned up "soon.")


            My main question at this point is about a spare or replacement battery (model Coolpad CPLD-194). It is not listed for sale anywhere that I could find, not even on the Coolpad USA Web site.


            Best wishes!

              • pyatrus5145

                Re: Coolpad Snap


                Yup. There IS an FM radio (requires headphones to be plugged in or shuts off in 1 minute -- nice!)


                Any annoying feature (or bug?): the keypad feedback sound is linked to the ringer volume BUT is about 4 times as loud. To get rid of it, you need to mute the ringer -- which is not a good idea sometimes.


                Question: The Coolpad scandal of 2014-2015 regarding what some called "Coolreaper," a reportedly VERY NASTY program installed by Coolpad: Is Coolpad still installing "Coolreaper" as part of its OS on its cellphones?  (media reference follows)



                CoolReaper Revealed: A Backdoor in Coolpad Android Devices

                December 17, 2014 at 5:00 AM

                  • pyatrus5145

                    Re: Coolpad Snap

                    Another update:


                    1) Concerning Wi-Fi Calling: It does appear to work fine but NOT on 5G Wi-Fi, which is what I had attempted earlier (and thought it was an SSID issue). You need to configure Wi-Fi calling for 2.4G Wi-Fi. It surprises me that 5G (i.e., 802.11a) is not supported.


                    2) A serious (IMHO) and the only issue I have found with the phone is that Internet access does NOT work. That is, the Ume browser (version FP 1.33) is the only app on the phone that gives you Internet access (i.e., search, Web sites, e-mail through a browser, etc.). (In addition to the phone that I purchased directly from T-Mobile online and received on May 14, I went to a T-Mobile retail store on May 18, and tried the Ume browser on a new phone, out of the box.  Same issue; the Ume Web browser does NOT work.)There is no Google Play Store nor other access to installing apps -- so far. I hope that improvements will occur in this area "soon." In addition to contacting T-Mobile customer support, I have contacted both Coolpad (the mfr) and the Ume Web browser (mfr) but have not received replies.


                    3) Regarding the keypad "key tones" audio. In addition to turning off the ringer, a second (better IMHO) method can turn off the key pad sounds (tone): From Settings, select Profiles. You can edit (left soft key) the General profile. Go to Advanced. Turn the Key Tones item OFF if that is what you prefer.  (I would prefer a volume selection--since the Key Tone is extremely loud, not good in public places--as there is with alarms, media, ringer, but for Key Tones, we only get On/Off.)  The Advanced menu item also allows you to change the sound selected for Ring Tones, Alarms, & Notifications.


                    4) The lack of a replacement battery is a worrisome issue. I do not consider it a "replacement part" as a Coolpad support person stated. Removable batteries are customer "accessory" items at worst.  They sometimes are defective and sometimes "wear out" much too soon.