Data Speeds Slow Or Not Functioning Throughout the Week (Ongoing Issue for 3 months)


    Hi, I've been having an ongoing issue with my service over the past 2-3 months and at this point I have nowhere else to turn for answers.


    From 8am to 3pm on Tuesdays-Fridays, I either have slow data speeds or no data at all. The moment it turns 8am, my phone's internet ceases to function properly and the moment it turns 3pm, it works perfectly fine. This is strictly an issue with the data and mobile hotspot, while calls and texts work fine.


    I'm on the One Plus plan and my phone is an LG G6. Right now my phone is basically my primary source of internet and I have to use my Mobile Hotspot every day but the fact that I pay for additional Mobile Hotspot data only for the feature to not even work for 7 hours each day for 4 days out of each week is a huge inconvenience, especially when it's been a problem for the past 2-3 months now. As I'm typing this out on my laptop, my phone is still attempting to load a webpage I searched 5 minutes ago. Mobile Hotspot doesn't work at all right now either.


    Supposedly no one else has had this problem according to the team of T-Mobile experts I've spoken to. I've been back and forth on the phone talking with T-Mobile customer service representatives and T-Mobile Tech Experts about this issue at least 15 times. They have sent in 3 tickets since then but none have resolved this issue for me. They've even informed their supervisors of the issue I'm having or brought in multiple experts to attempt to fix the problem but all of them come to the same conclusion; they don't know what's causing it, why it's happening or how to fix it.


    I've tried changing the APN settings, I've had my data connection refreshed after every call I've made to customer support, I've had the SIM card for my phone replaced, I've tried using my phone in different areas but same story every time; the internet is abysmally slow or there's no connection at all during the time periods I've mentioned.


    Has anyone else had this problem or can assist me in fixing it?

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      • syaoran

        Is there some sort of parental account enabled on your device?  These..  what seem like restrictions, sound like something restricting the data device or account side.  Service should slow diring peak times, but not to the point where it isn't useable.  Have you tried your SIM in another device to see if the issue might be related to something on the device?  Have you checked your Google Account Settings for any parental restrictions?

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          • will42091

            Hi! First off, thanks for the reply.


            There's no Parental Controls active on any account being used on the device. As for the SIM card being used in a different device, I've only tried using it in an even older LG phone model and between these two phones at least, the issue doesn't seem to be device-related. Could it be that my phone is outdated and doesn't function well on the network? But if that's the case, why does my phone's internet and mobile hotspot function optimally on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays at all times throughout the day? Zero issues, signal drops or refreshes occur on these 3 days of each week. The moment it turns 8am on a Tuesday though, the problem starts up again every day from 8am-3pm until Saturday.

              • syaoran

                It makes me wonder if there are tower upgrades going on in your area.  Only someone from T-Mobile would be able to confirm that but the specific timeframe does seem too consistent.

                • tmo_amanda

                  Hey, will42091!


                  I'm kind of stumped (as it sounds like everyone else is) as to why this is happening. Do you happen to know any of your ticket numbers that have been filed so far? I also read that you tried your SIM in a different device that's a bit older. Do you happen to work with anyone that has T-Mobile that you can use your SIM in their device to run a speed test to compare to a speed test on your G6? 



                  magenta8086053 - our Engineers usually do not handle anything plan related nor do they usually take customer calls. I'm so sorry for the misinformation about an unlimited data loyalty plan as I'm not too sure we offer such a thing. Anywho, it's important we address the data usage happening early in the morning. Has it only been on 3/26 that you've seen abnormally high data usage? Or has this happened in the past?

                    • magenta8086053

                      Hello tmo_amanda

                      The exact same thing happened Feb.28th from 5:26am - 8am I used 4GB of data.   On March 15th I was streaming Sling TV with BingeOn and noticed within an hour I used 1GB of my 6GB of data even though BingeOn was on and Sling TV is BingeOn friendly. So I logged onto the T-Mo site and started an online chat (3/15) with customer care.  To see why SlingTV was using up data.  I was told by Jorja from T-Mo that I am getting unlimited data on a promotional data package and should not have to worry about data.  I then started a new chat same day with Rebecca (3/15) to confirm if I had true unlimited data (up to 50GB) or does my speed slow down at 6GB.  Rebecca confirmed what I thought.  I technically have unlimited data but it slows after 6GB are used up. She said for some reason when she runs her test she see unlimited so she was a little confused and started to investigate.   Rebecca came back with I have unlimited data, meaning no overage charges ever but slows after 6GB.  She then wanted to figure out why Sling TV is using so much data and not using my BingeON.  She end up saying, that she was working with here tech and would need to file a ticket and I would get a call later that night from her tech.  Later that night the tech called to try and troubleshoot on what was going on with my data (no real luck). Long story short the tech stated she saw that since I was with T-Mo so long I was selected to have the 2 lines (4401 & 6575) with 6GB bumped up to unlimited data (50GB) along with 14 GB of tethering.  She stated that this was a promo that a select few T-Mo customers were getting.   I then asked her what about my daughters line ending in 1354 since she only had 2GB of data.  When she took a look at that line she said that the data actually got accidentally removed due to the promo that was added to the other 2 lines.  She said she will have to look into this and get fixed and rather leave me on hold she would call me back.  About an hour later I got a call back from her and she said everything was fixed, and I will no longer have to worry about going over my data.  All 3 lines now have unlimited data (50GB) and 14GB of tethering.  Not sure if you can see the online chats or even any notes on my account from that day (3/15)?  Unfortunately I can not remember the techs name.  Needless to say on 3/26 I once again burned up data (4.5GB) within a few hours.  So I reached out to T-Mo again to find out why.  I was told that generally around that time of day my data was getting used up because of updates.  However my phone is set to only update when I'm on WiFi? So that is simply not the case.  Here is a time stamp for data usage on 3/26.  5:28am 848MB, 6:21am 171MB, 6:25am 200MB, 6:31am 152MB, 6:35am 600MB, 6:51am 286MB, 6:59am 362MB, 7:09am 152MB, 7:13am 171MB, 7:18am 57MB, 7:19am 324MB, 7:28am 152MB, 7:32am 295MB, 7:40am 324MB,  7:49am 181MB, 7:54am 358 MB.  Not sure how or why so much data could be getting used in such a short time span?  It seems that even T-Mo can't explain this either.   On top of that I have BingeOn and the apps I use for streaming are BingeON friendly.  Once again the same thing happened Feb 28th 5:26am-8am with the same type of pattern.  Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated.

                      Thanks for waiting, I was able to take a look at the account an that data usage and I show that your getting unlimited data as a promotional data package.


                • magenta8086053

                  I have a Simple Choice BingeOn Plan.  I have a little different issue going on the last 3 months.  All of a sudden almost all of my data is getting consumed on a random day mostly in the am.  This month on 3/26 I some how used 4.5Gb of data from 5:28 am - 7:54 am (I only have a total of 6Gb).  This is pretty much the same story the past 2 months, and my phone is just sitting around.  I was told that more then likely my phone is updating apps and other things.  However I have updates to only download when on WiFi?  So that makes this even more confusing.  I called T-Mobile earlier this month and got transferred to a T-Mobile Engineer.  She told me no worries I was recently put on a loyalty unlimited data plan plus 14Gb of tethering for being with T-Mobile for so many years.  I called T-Mobile  yesterday to address my concern once again on how I used up so much data in a two and half hour span on 3/26, plus I noticed by data speed was reduced greatly.  What do you know the T-Mobile rep sees nothing about the loyalty unlimited plan I was told I was selected for.   I was told I could go to the Essential plan that does have unlimited talk, text and data (up to 50 Gb).  I would end up saving $15 a month, but not sure I want to get rid of the grandfather Simple Choice plan though.  I really Like BingeOn plus almost all the apps I stream are BingeOn friendly so they don't count  towards my data.

                  • rabbit1742

                    Same thing happened to me.

                    very slo.


                    • magenta8383165

                      Same issue in the 89135 areacode in Vegas.  At midnight, I can get 60mb download speeds.  During the day, maybe 1 or 2.  Have called this into T-Mobile on multiple occasions and they have done nothing to resolve the issue with no follow up despite the promises.  Really wish T-Mobile would shoot straight and stop with the games. The data inconsistencies are no better than Sprint's.

                      • mseunice83

                        Hi did your issue ever get resolved? I have been having the same issue since June. It is extremely frustrating

                        • magenta9361872

                          I have the exact same issue, except that mine happens Monday thru Friday. Like clockwork, my data will basically shut off at 8 am, and turn back on later in the day after work. The only thing I can think it is due to is the fact that I work at a military facility. My data does come back when I drive a certain distance away from where I work. So I assume it has something to do with that.

                          • akchan36

                            I too have similar issue with no data connection.. I am in CT/MA and my data was cutting out at 3PM like clockwork, and other times of day too...  Today I started having issues again at 12PM. Having no data and it is very frustrating because we are all paying high dollar for service in an advanced technical world that they cant even provide consistent service. I’ve called before but nothing changes. They tell me to clear my phone cache, restart etc, and all that nonsense when THE ISSUE IS T-MOBILE PROVIDING LACKLUSTER SERVICE!!!  I switched from AT&T to this and now I don’t even get consistent service. Seriously thinking about switching to VERIZON since they now support SIM CARD phones…


                            Ridiculous.  I’d be surprised if Tmobile actually reads these and lets us know that they are looking into this…  If you are reading this, Just reply with YES or something simple

                            • magenta9549131

                              Sorry but I don't buy that answer one bit.  It has nothing to do with the tower.  What's really going on is that the network is being handed off to another company's server at those times (see next paragraph below for explanation).  I got the Speedtest app by Ookla off the Google play store, and ran some tests, and I will tell you what I found later in this post.  Anyway, I live on the east side of Aurora Illinois and have had this same problem with the data speeds dropping at the exact same time everyday since I got with T-Mobile.  I also had this problem with MetroPCS and I thought switching a year and a half ago would solve the problem.  It didn't.  Basically I'm paying more for the same thing.


                              Now back to what I found out through the Speedtest app.  Everyday between 2pm and 2:30pm the speeds get so slow it is like having a 56k modem from the 1990s.  And everyday right after midnight, the data speeds magically get fast.  If there was a lot of heavy random network traffic on the tower, why is it at the exact same times every single day (and not just in Aurora, but also Batavia and surrounding towns)?  Well I ran this app, and I noticed at the bottom it would tell me the name of the network server I am connected to and where it is located.  Remember I said I live in Aurora IL, well during the fast hours of the day the network server is listed as Vinakom Communications out of Schaumburg, IL.  During the slow times of the day, get this, it is T-Mobile of Elgin, IL!!!  Vinakom's server is 21 miles from me and T-Mobile's server is 18 miles from me (closer).  Um, what?  Wait a minute.  This is real fishy.  And I don't think most employees outside of some big corporate T-Mobile office building are even aware of this.  Or they are and covering it up.  Which is why I'm blowing the lid off this right now.


                              So people should try the Speedtest app (it's free and safe, made by the same people as the famous Speedtest online site for computers) and run it on their phones during the slow and fast times of the day and note what the name of the network server is at those times.  If there are different network servers at the slow and fast times, then there you go.  The network server name and location will be below  "Connections" in the app just like the snapshot below that I took with my phone.




                              I even called several times about this and no one could answer my question.  Honestly I think I'm going to go to ATT because this is unacceptable.  Or maybe Verizon, since I did have a Straighttalk phone from Walmart that used the Verizon network and it was blazing fast compared to T-Mobile and MetroPCS, but they don't allow hotspot/tethering so that's why I got rid of ST.  I've also been getting tons of calls from automated machines about my car and I don't even own a car.  And I've been getting calls from numbers owned by german and polish people (caller ID gives it away).  I specifically told the lady I wanted a BRAND NEW UNUSED NUMBER when I signed up, but it seems like that's not what I got.  80 dollars a month is a lot of money for this nonsense.


                              I also want to complain about the change in how data is measured.  I got the "unlimited" 50gb a month plus the 10gb hotspot/tethering plan, and the usage for both used to be separate, now they are counted together, which is a crock of BS.  Essentially, you pay more on your plan for the hotspot but you get less "normal data", so if you use the 10gb hotspot up that leaves you 40gb of regular data instead of 50 like it used to be.  Rip off.  They don't put up with this BS in Europe.  And it's sad that every major carrier in the States is guilty of ripping people off in one way or the other in recent years.

                              • magenta10091058

                                Same problem here and living 30 minutes East of Houston.  Happens only during day time hours, but will work outside of those times just fine.

                                • 603-318-8195

                                  Happening to me too.  For about the past month in downtown Seattle.  Every weekday, like clockwork, cellular data slows to a crawl at noon.  it only recovers once I've left work and arrived home around 5:00.

                                  • akchan36

                                    I called again and they had me get a new SIM card and try. This did not work. They then escalated it and said they sent a technician out to my area to test and said the towers are not pointing correctly…. I asked when it would get this resolved and didn’t have an answer… It took me 1 hour to upload a 30 second video to youtube…  Now the slow/no data is happening much much more…

                                    • dcheck

                                      I have terrible connection all the time as well Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet?

                                      • dcheck

                                        Another slow result


                                        Check out my Speedtest result! How fast is your internet?

                                        • magenta10499138

                                          I have been with tmobile for 6 years and it was always great as of the last year my connection slows way to abot 2 mbts for download and 0 for upload. In the past they have been able to fix it i call in and they resync my network and it works again for awhile. Ive had this amazingly slow data for a few weeks today I called in and they couldnt fix it. They put a ticket in and said they will get back to me. Come on tmobile you used to be the best. If you cant fix it im gonna out of contract and take my whole family to someone who can give me fast data. And that 24 7 not just sometimes.