Note9 Fingerprint Reboot/Boot Loop Issue?


    I want to curiously ask if any Note9 users experienced or had boot loop issues on their device and resolved it by disabling the fingerprint reader?


    Or am I just like, 1 out of the 20, of the millions of Note9 owners that has experienced this?


    See, I am experiencing the issue, but it took me about 3 months+ to realize it was the fingerprint scanner.


    My Note9 had this moment every so often where it would boot loop, then after about 1 or 2 days, suddenly stop and go back to normal. That was a couple months back.


    The last 2 weeks, its been boot looping, non-stop. Power Cycles, Soft battery resets,  A FULL battery drain, Cache Wipes, Booting in to safe mode and Factory resets, did not stop the boot looping. It happens when the device is at idle, not when I use it or when it charges.


    A curious search online shows me, it's happened to a very small group of Note9 users and it has affected some S9 users as well.


    Here is one forum


    And the other

    Solved: Random reboots - Samsung Community - 381071



    A look on T-Mo support, and I found no such posts about the issue.


    I am wondering if others out there have this issue or not, I have 512GB model, on Android 9.0 (issue occurred before and after Pie update), I am fearful that this issue may be so small that it will fall in to the "1 percenter" group and be over looked by Samsung for a fix if they don't hear many voices on it.


    "The Squeaky wheel gets the oil" as they say.


    I read, that through Samsung, some people had to get the phone replaced under warranty or have the whole board replaced, and even after doing that, the issue came back. These phones are not cheap, that is scary.


    To any T-Mobile reps who see this, would it be too early to say or speculate a fix would come in the next monthly security patch?

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