You'd think there'd be better service at Lakefront Airport (NEW)


    Last night I had dinner at Messina's at the Terminal at the New Orleans Lakefront Airport (IATA:NEW) and found the service on my Moto M7 Power to be pretty poor inside. Trying to read e-mail the phone dropped to "H" and was very slow. The strange thing is that the dining room I was in (Walnut Room) has great big windows and glass doors looking south almost directly at a T-Mobile tower, about a km away, running bands 2, 66 & 12. This lends some credence to the many complaints aired here by other customers who report service problems in "excellent" service areas. I think this may be another case of T-Mobile's engineers being too conservative by half; not wanting to give up a single dB of signal margin to cochannel interference by keeping cell overlap and power levels at minimal levels. Come on, band 12 was supposed to solve these problems. No one want's to have to run outside to check e-mail.

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