Phone switching between networks: H, H+, E, LTE, with periods of no connectivity between


    I have a Pixel II, but I've had this behavior on my older android.


    This only happens in my office.


    I have a signal booster from t-mobile, but it hasn't helped.


    I'm in an area with all kinds of coverage and when my phone isn't cycling through networks, I have high-speed voice and data and full bars.


    Situation: When I'm in my office (36th floor), I have solid reception, but the network keeps changing -- and when it changes

    - Calls in progress drop

    - Data that's streaming or connections between apps (E.g. What's App calls) need to reconnect. This takes several seconds or minutes and is, needless to say, highly disruptive.


    Any suggestions? I would be happy with lower speed data (lower than LTE) and voice if it were stable.


    Is there a way to stop or reduce network switching from my handset?

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