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    Any one having s9 pie update music pausing problem and when Samsung going fix the bug T-Mobile sent me a replacement phone and yeah it's a bug in the damn S9 update music pausing problem I don't care if it's Samsung Music you have on your phone or it's Pandora or Apple It All Pause is every 30 seconds

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      • syaoran

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        I listen to Pandora daily on my devices and so does my girlfriend.  She doesn't have this issue with her S9 Plus.  Have you tried turning on Download Boodter in the Settings under More Connection Settings to see if that helps?

          • voicestream505

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            Plus don't do it ony the s9 on pie I got about 3 s9 that do it . I call Samsung they said it a bug they will send a patch out. I try all that including clear the cache after the update reset the phone volume up Bixby and Power Factory dead clear and T-Mobile sent me a replacement

              • tmo_mike_c

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                If Samsung mentioned an update, my guess is we'll have to wait on that to come through. I know that's not the ideal solution, but it sounds like they know what's going already.