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    I want to know WHY am I using data at night, when everyone is asleep and my phone is connected to wifi. Last month I ran out of the 6 gb and had 2 weeks remaining in my cycle. My cycle restarted on 04/07 and I am already at 2 GB!! This is frustrating and unacceptable. Yes I have called customer service. Yes I turned off my cellular data. Yes I am connected to Wifi. No there is nothing using my hotspot. I do not feel like I have to turn off my cellular data because I am connected to WIFI. Normally I would have like 3 days remaining in my cycle before I would run out of data but 2 weeks??? Spoke to customer service and they said the data usage details is not real time...well it should not be advertised as a way for someone to track their data. Also if it is not real time, and I show data being used at 2:37 am and then again at 4:52 am, something is occuring between this time period for it show multiple times. Again this is overnight and no one is utilizing the devices. I have been with Tmobile for a couple of years and this is actually causing me to consider changing services. Not only for my phone, but my son's phone is doing the same thing and he is a minor and does not use his phone as often as I do. Can someone provide some help and insight. I do not want to call customer care for the 3rd time.

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      • syaoran

        Re: Data usage

        This could happen for a number of reasons.  What device do you have?


        iPhone's push data for various reasons just about all of the time.  iCloud syncing, app updates, OS updates, iMessage MMS messages require a data connection, a potential rogue app, social media/Facebook mining, and so on. 


        Android devices, it's fairly similar.  App and OS updates usually happen over night.  Social media/Facebook mining is out of hand on all platforms, rogue apps can use data diring odd hours so you don't notice until it is too late, and so on. 


        The reasons are mostly the same.  Have you checked to see if any specific apps are the issue? 

          • magenta8251405

            Re: Data usage

            I’m still at home on wifi during these times. I have an iPhone my son, a

            galaxy. That’s what makes it worse. I shouldn’t have to go in my phone and

            adjust settings because the phone is pulling from my data instead of the

            string WiFi I have at home.


            Also his phone shows almost 90 GB if not more used yesterday when he did

            not even have his phone. If he had apps running in the background, don’t

            you think that’s a bit excessive for the phone to not even be in use?

              • syaoran

                Re: Data usage

                I agree you shouldn't have to monitor what apps do when you are not using your device, but unfortunately, app stores and cell providers make more money through these methods.  As sad as it is to say.  Phones made within the last 5 or so years need to be treated like drug addicts with no self-control sitting in a room surrounded by their drug of choice.


                Apple is slightly worse than Android when it comes to taking full control of your device.  With Android, ADB can remove system permission apps without the need to jail break your device.  Once ypu do figure out which app(s) are the issue on both devices, then figuring out why or what they are doing to use so much data is the next step.


                Do you have any sort of locating phone apps or apps that monitor your son's device as an example, in real time?  These apps sound great for safety reasons but can use a massive amount of data on both ends. 


                There are ways to use apps more efficiently as well.  I have an app on my phones for cheaper gas, called GetUpside.  It always wants to know my location and run in the background.  I don't allow anything on my devices to have real-time location all of the time and I don't allow apps to run in the background. 

                  • magenta8251405

                    Re: Data usage

                    No I don’t have those on his phone and ironically his phone used more usage

                    yesterday, when he didn’t have it, than it did when he does have it. Also

                    that doesn’t explain why my data is being used and I’m on WiFi. That is

                    unacceptable. I ran out of 6 gb in about 2 weeks! I didn’t do anything

                    differently than I did before. It seems that something else is the issue.

                    I’ve never had this problem.

                      • syaoran

                        Re: Data usage

                        I do know iPhones prioritize data over WiFi for certain things.  This is by design to help make them a more attractive device to sell for the carriers.


                        Has anything changed with your WiFi recently?  Moving the router, adding more devices, and other things might be weakening your WiFi connection enough to where it is favoring the data connection over the active WiFi connection.

                • tmo_mike_c

                  Re: Data usage

                  Hi again. Just checking to see if you were able to view the data usage for individual apps. Please let us know. Thanks.

                    • magenta8251405

                      Re: Data usage

                      I don’t know how to do that and frankly that is a lot of work for me to do

                      when this wasn’t happening before. I do show that there still has been

                      early morning usage when I’m asleep and my phone is not connected to the

                      cellular network. I am getting frustrated because at the end of the day, it

                      will cause me to not be able to use my phone. I feel like I can’t wven use

                      my phone for entertainment purposes, because I may run out of data. And I

                      am not doing unlimited, as you can see I have a lot of phones on my plan.

                      So hopefully someone can figure this out

                    • justthefacts

                      Re: Data usage

                      I have the same pattern of data usage. All booked in the middle of the night when the Iphone 7 Plus is locked and connected to my home google wifi network. Many days I have not gone anywhere outside my home wifi network but it still books data usage. What is going on? Might be a good explanation but we would love to know it.

                        • syaoran

                          Re: Data usage

                          Android devices have a setting that keeps the device on mobile data, even when connected ro WiFi.  Is it possible that some sort of similar setting is behind these devices remaining on data while connectes to WiFi?  It still doesn't explain the mass amounts of data used, which sounds like a rogue app.