Sprint Galaxy S7 on T-Mobile


    I have a Sprint Galaxy S7 and am looking to switch to T-mobile.  The device is domestic SIM unlocked.


    Reading other forums from 2 years ago it would appear at that time there were some issues getting Sprint S7's to work on T-Mobile network.  Another complication was because Sprint and T-mobile used different version bootloaders it was impossible to flash T-mobile's firmware onto the Sprint S7.  I'm aware that without flashing T-mobile firmware that Wifi Calling and VOLTE probably won't work, which if everything else worked fine would probably be OK.


    For anyone who has tried to activate a Sprint S7 on T-mobile recently, were you able to get the device working?  Did everything (voice/data/MMS/reception) work well minus Wifi Calling and VOLTE?


    Also, now that T-mobile and Sprint use the same version bootloader, has anyone flashed the latest T-mobile S7 Firmware on the Sprint S7? If so, did this work OK and does it now fully work on T-mobile?  Anyone happen to know if flashing T-mobile firmware (now that bootloaders are same version) will break OTA updates on the Sprint S7 or because bootloader is the same version now will OTA updates (monthly security patches) continue to work?



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      • drnewcomb2

        Re: Sprint Galaxy S7 on T-Mobile

        I don't have any answers for you but just dropped in to say, "Yes". There have been several reports here from people who have had trouble using a Sprint S7 on T-Mobile. I have not seen any cogent explanation. Looking at the specs, it should work.

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        • tmo_mike_c

          Re: Sprint Galaxy S7 on T-Mobile

          Our Bring your own device (BYOD) guide is a good place to review when bringing over a device from another carrier. With that being said, a device that support our network frequencies have the chance or working on our network depending on the coverage we have. As for flashing the device, that's not something we can offer advice on.

          • audiorulz4u

            Re: Sprint Galaxy S7 on T-Mobile

            if its SIM unlocked it should work on T-Mobiles Network since the hardware for a Galaxy S7 is identical across all carriers (at least so i have been told i know my AT&T S7 is) ... the firmware might be an issue so VoLTE works i had this problem with my AT&T S7 .. one trick you can do and this is at your "OWN RISK" and this is what i did to my AT&T S7 is flash the firmware to the Unlocked by Samsung firmware and it will work fine with T-Mobile for VoLTE and Wifi Calling.. you can research this information your self on the xda developers website on how to do this if you want to or you can buy a T-Mobile Firmware device that you know will work.