What is the point of turning on GPS on the SPARQ II?  There doesn't seem to be a map application on the phone so I don't see what GPS gets you expect to drain your battery.

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      • smplyunprdctble

        Re: GPS on SPARQ II

        There's probably not a reason.

        This phone was released on 2013.  It was in the period of the shift from feature phone to smart phone.  My guess is smart phones had all these cool apps (like maps) that used GPS, and maybe they hoped someone would write something for their phone? 

        Maybe Google Maps or the like had a big of GPS functionality built in to the web interface at the time?

        Maybe something with e911?

        Asking this question for a phone that's six years old, doubt you'll get a "good" reason?  There was a lot of companies putting features in that didn't really have a "place".

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