Note 9 One UI software update perpetual prompt


    Is there a way to get Samsung galaxy Note 9 software update to stop prompting me to install the Pie update? It keeps popping up every 2hrs with the only options being "install now" or "install overnight". I've seen the Pie update on other phones and herd of the issues that comes with it. I am just not ready to update and don't want to be annoyed to do so. I've tried everything from enabling developer options and stopping the software update app, to clearing the cache and clearing data and it still keeps popping up. My last resort will be a factory reset and if that don't work, I'll try rooting the device and installing custom ROM. Hopefully someone here can help me find the solution. Thanks in advance for your assistance. (Galaxy note 9  model # SM-N960U)

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      • syaoran

        You can force close the software updater (blue one) under system apps.  As soon as you reboot your device though, it will ask you to update again.  You can also turn off the updater by setting it to not download and install updates automarically until you are ready to move to the Android Pie One UI.

          • jahmakeanking

            Thanks for the tips Sayoran but I've tried that and it still keeps popping up. I closed both system software, the green and also blue. It's not showing that its running but still producing the notifications.

              • syaoran

                I don't have my Samsung with me to look for the specific app name.  Is there a Samsung Update app?  If so.  Try force closing that one as well. 


                The green doean't affact the Samsung updates.  Force closing the blue one should stop it from installing.  It doesn't disable the notification, just makes sure it won't auto auto install on you. 


                You can always clear the cache but it will redownload it.  If you disable the blue uodate app, it won't install but that isn't recommended because it does affect other Samsung software. 

            • tmo_chris

              Hey there! There is no way to remove the prompt unfortunately I understand your hesitation on updating but as long as your phone is under warranty, in the slim chance anything does happen to your phone, we will be able to replace it for ya.