What's the latest news about the retirement of 2G & 3G?


    What's the latest news about the retirement of T-Mobile's 2G & 3G networks?

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      • tmo_mike_c

        I don't have any news on this. I know one of our focuses is to increase our coverage footprint. We'll keep everyone posted on any major coverage changes via our newsroom.

        • wolffie

          my question is this... I use a motorola v600 from 2006. its a phone. thats ALL I need. I can NOT use smart phones other then for target practice because I can not read the screens, feel the screen, and no bottons/keys for me to feel, I do nto need a computer in my pocket. I have a desktop and laptop computers for that. ALL I NEED is a SIMPLE PHONE like the V600.  so my question is this. after all this 2/3G crap is over and done with. will my phone still work as JUST A PHONE to make calls with. the only phone T-Mobile has right now thats a flip phone is a serious piece of garbage. my girlfriend got one and being that T-Mobile wont take it back, she is looking for a new carrier and giving me the go phone to use as a target to shoot.    so again, I need a SIMPLE BASIC FLIP PHONE WITH NO DATA. NO INTERNET OF ANY SORT. JUST A SIMPLE FLIP PHONE TO MAKE CALLS ON. AND THAT CAN CHANGE THE MENU'S TO LIST BECAUSE THE ICONS ARE LAME, STUPID, ANNOYING AND FRUSTRATING !!