I keep getting data roaming alert every 30 seconds.


    I've been having this problem for 2 years now. And t mobile hasn't been able to fix it. Now with the new update, I get the alert every 30 seconds to one minute. I can't watch videos or a movie. Because it will black my screen and appear on top of whatever im doing until I acknowledge it and close it. It has become unbearable. They will be losing my business if this problem persists.


    I have a note 8. Previously I had a s7 edge and I could data roam without having this issue. I'm pretty sure it's a tactic to persuade you into not using your data.


    A couple days ago I received a text from t mobile saying they were gonna start charging my calls when I'm roaming. When I confronted them about it. They told me it was only a scare tactic.


    This data roaming issue needs to go. It is the most annoying alert in t mobile history.  I just got it 4 times just writing this compla... sorry 5 times now.

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