Band change threshold is just too high...reception is terrible


    I am having with coverage due to the fact that my phone will always seem to want to connect with band 4 rather than change to another band with greater signal strength. I use CellMapper to see what band is connected, what its signal strength is, and what neighboring cells there are with their signal strength.

    It seems that I can be locked to band 4, even with something like -120db and have terrible service, when CellMapper will show another band such as band 12 showing as much as 20db or more better strength. The phone will just not change bands until it gets to a point where the signal is just so bad that I am unable to make a call at all. It seems like the threshold for changing bands is somewhere around -120db or so. This is just too high.

    Is it possible to do anything about this? Can tech support change this so that the phone will switch to a band with better signal strength when band 4 (or whatever band I happen to be on) gets to -100db? Or -110db, or something better than -120?

    If I put an AT&T SIM into the phone and do the same thing, I see that on AT&T the phone will ALWAYS connect to the band with the best signal strength, period.

    Why doesn't Tmobile do this and again, is it possible to have my account adjusted to do SOMETHING? I am serious thinking about switching to AT&T at this point.

    Thank you

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