Coverage issues in high tourist areas of Amador County, CA.


    Why are there no plans to build any cell sites in Northern Amador County, CA? I frequent the towns of Plymouth and Sutter Creek and there is rarely any coverage outdoors in Plymouth and I have never had any coverage in Sutter Creek.  I have been a customer for over 10 years and still no plans for coverage?  The nearest cell sites to Plymouth are 8-9 miles away.  With a 350 space RV park, over 20 wineries, a 200 room hotel and 500 new homes planned, wouldn't it be a good idea to build out these areas?  Sutter Creek is a tourist destination and also in a canyon, so the nearby site in Martel is worthless there.  Both Verizon and AT&T have multiple sites in the area and have excellent coverage. Even Sprint has a couple sites in the area where TMO does not.   I had one TMO engineer show me a map that says there was "excellent indoor coverage" in Plymouth.  Far from accurate.  I frequent these areas and after 10 years, I am still waiting for coverage.  Also, HWY49 is a very busy commute route to Sacramento and there is NO coverage along this HWY between Martel and El Dorado.  PLEASE pass this info to those that make these decisions as I am tired of waiting.  Thanks.. 

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      • drnewcomb2

        I'm pretty sure that T-Mobile has plans to cover that area, in the same way that the US military has plans for the invasion of Paraguay. Somewhere, in some filing cabinet there is a plan for each gathering dust. Do either intend to act on these plans any time soon? Look at the evidence. T-Mobile has had a full suite of mid and low-band spectrum in this area for years, yet they have not acted to provide service to the area. They are building new coverage at a furious rate in other areas but not there.


        In the past I've held my breath waiting for T-Mobile to provide service to some important areas. All that happened was that I turned blue.  

          • magenta8369162

            I know the area very well and the map I was shown by an engineer was based on coverage from an AT&T site in town, not TMO signal.  Whoever TMO hired to drive test the area and record signal levels screwed them!  They added 6 new sites in El Dorado county in tourist areas that had no coverage before and along the Eastern Sierra, but North Amador isn't even on any build list.  Probably because of the bogus drive testing.  The current map is a little more correct, but every "verified call" in Plymouth just says "fair signal" but there is never anything worse.  I think "fair" is their term for "very poor".  I frequent the RV park there and if I leave my phone up in a tree branch outside, I can occasionally get a text through.  If that is their definition of "fair" then they need to redefine.