All phones on my plan randomly having issues with SMS and MMS messages


    Hello. I have 4 phones on my family plan


    Note 9 - T-Mobile

    S7 Edge - T-Mobile

    OnePlus 6T - T-Mobile

    OnePlus 6 - Unlocked with T-Mobile data matching the 6T


    All 4 phones are having issues with receiving texts from each other. Both SMS between each other and MMS between all 4 of us. Some times 3/4 will receive a message and 1 wont, other times messages are delayed as much as a few hours between phones. Its not just when my phone( 1+ 6) sends messages.


    I've wiped all the caches of each phone and reset/reconfigured all APNs.


    We live in the OKC area and spend the whole day in various major metro areas, not in random, unpopulated areas. We all also try to use wifi as much as possible. The issues happen both on wifi and 4G LTE


    Its getting frustrating that we're missing appointments and having delays but what else are we missing from other people that we don't know about or can't tell?


    Please help!

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