Slow network speeds / not registered to the right tower?


    I am in Hampton Roads, Virginia and I have been told that there were/was an outage awhile back, but this issue has been going on for over a week now and trying to get some feedback as to what might be going on.  I have called and reset my network settings and re-registration to the tower and nothing seems to help.  Strangely enough when I do a speed test with ookla ( ((or app)) it gives me a low reading anywhere from 10-30mbps down/up and shows that I am getting those speeds from a different tower (Charolette, Nc or Beltsville, MD)  has anyone else seen this and how to rectify, as this has been going on awhile and usually I can connect with a test server in Virginia and able to get anywhere 50-60mbps but that is not happening.  An agent I spoke with (Alex 454127) said he would submit an engineering ticket and follow up tomorrow around the same time (noon) but I dont have much faith that will happen with any type of resolution.  I have been with Tmo almost since inception 2006 and I have never had any problems like this before.  Any input, and/or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. 

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      • syaoran

        There is definitely something broken in Hampton Roads!  Service over by Langley has significantly decreased.  I used to get 3 bars easily in my apartment but now, practically no service at all!  I have tried my SIM in my Nexus 6P, V30, S9 Plus, Note 9, and Mi MIX 3.  The results are the same!  Some network engineers need to be dispatched to this area and fix what broke before I end up taking my business to Verizon!

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        • syaoran

          Got a ticket in as well.  They are going to send me a signal booster even though I know that won't resolve the issue.  After all, it can't boost what is no longer there.  I have also been paying more attention to the service in and around Hampton.  As a whole on two separate devices, it has significantly decreased compared to what it was before I went up to Canada for just over a month.


          Multiple devices, multiple SIM's, deleted and re-entered APN's, and multiple network refreshes didn't yield anything, which I wasn't surprised by.  I am more technically knowledgeable than most of the people working in most support centers.  My call to support got disconnected 6 times thanks to that one bar while standing outside dropped off randomly.


          Ticket #: 23142228

          • tmo_chris

            Hey folks! Thank you both for taking the time to get these tickets in to our support teams! I am sorry that yall's coverage has not been up to snuff as of late Please do keep us updated as to what happens with your tickets.

              • syaoran

                Specifically for 23666 in and around Magruder and Floyd Thompson, there is a band 12 tower I can identify with CellMapper that is malfunctioning.  It pops in and out irregularly.  When it is working, I get 4 bars inside easily on band 12 until it drops, usially after about 5 to 10 seconds.  Without that tower, there are only distant band 2 towers that barely yield one bar outside from Semple Farm and Commander Sheppard at Magruder.  Thatbis a fairly large area to almost be a deadzone.

                • travis.bunday

                  Hopefully you can reach out to fix this and let us know the progress of our tickets.  You can call me anytime my number is in my profile and your system.


                    • syaoran

                      I was given another ticket number today. 


                      Ticket #: 23176916


                      I haven't heard anything on the previous ticket and the cell spot they sent out, was as useless as I expected it to be.  What don't people understand about not being able to repeat and strengthen something that is no longer there?!  I am not waiting another 3 days to not get any sort of reply.  This thing is going back!  If my service hasn't been restored to what it was before the storm a few weeks back, then I am taking the 3 lines to Verizon when I return home from Atlanta on Tuesday May 14th.

                        • travis.bunday

                          That'll probably be your best bet.  If coverage is your thing, then switch to Vz will do it, sadly.  Tmo network infrastructure just isnt cutting it anymore, sadly.  It used to be awesome as I've been with Tmo for over a decade with almost 0 problems until recent and I have complained to them about spotty or no network coverage in king William / king and queen area for years.  Dont expect tmo to follow up and/or fix anything anymore.  As you see from the employees reply, he wants us to do tmo's work and update him and not the other way around.  At least Vz puts their maintenance into their network, but your going to have to switch phones, plans, more cost, etc. So its gping to be a trade off.  I am thoroughly dismayed with tmo's service and support as well.  Although their price and discounts for veterans are nice, the coverage and maintenance is just not there.  They are being more like sprint and AT&T with their poor service.  Its just insane.  I might be doing the same, in really don't want to, and I know I'm going to pay a higher cost for Vz's devices and plans.  I wish everyone luck anyways. 

                      • abrahamlove

                        Sorry you have very worst service in Texas, I advise people to go get at&t or spectru, i have been with t mobile for almost 12 years my bill is 203 a month I can only use my phone when I’m in open area. when I was in Virginia they have good service here in Texas I think they should close their store. They sent me booster lol the booster don’t work. I hate t mobile

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