No notifications after phone restart s8


    Recently got this problem with the new update on the galaxy s8. It installed and all but all I noticed was getting notification sounds and could not see the notification when its locked or unlocked on the top of the opened phone screen. I cleared cache partition, worked for a little but it happened again when I had to restart my phone connection issue. I did a full factory reset and it worked again but again had to restart phone to fix a minor issue but turned into a issue with no notifications showing. It only happens when when I restart my phone. When I restart my phone it shows to unlock with pin or whichever lock you have to unlock your phone after restart but it "freezes" and just goes to sleep again and does not go through with the unlock. I have to go into safe mode and remove the security most of the time to be able to get back into my phone. It rarely works to unlock the phone after reset with pin or pattern that I have tried. Usually just "freezes" then goes back to sleep after putting in the patter or pin. Am I the only one with this issue?

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      • tronguy123

        Re: No notifications after phone restart s8

        FWIW, I have an S8 and it's definitely not doing any of that.

        I'm guessing that the "update" of which you speak is Android Pie. That was a major update; I'd guess that maybe 30% or more of the various settings on the phone moved around in all the menus and there's certainly a lot more settings that what there used to be.

        I'm madly guessing at two, maybe three possibilities:

        1. You may have had some cool add-on that made your S8 look great under Oreo, but under Pie it's Messing With Settings. If you've got something like that, ditch it?
        2. There's a slew of detailed settings about the lock screen, security settings, and all that jazz buried in Settings->Lock Screen, and Settings->Biometrics and Security. I think that there's a way to set all the various parameters in there to Default, which may be a great place to start from. One second... Yep. Under Settings->General Management, there's a Reset function that puts everything to Square One. I've used that, it works, but had to reinstall some corporate apps after the fact.
        3. It's barely possible that you've managed to get OTA'd and somehow corrupted the install. I'd bet on #'s 1 or 2, above, but I suppose it's possible. In that case, flashing the phone to T-Mobile's official pie load using Samsung's Odin software will get you a clean install. XDA Developers has instructions; in fact, further up in the Android discussion group somebody put up a basic tutorial. Be careful lest you end up with a brick.

        Good luck!

          • unethical

            Re: No notifications after phone restart s8

            I haven't done anything to change the way my S8 changes in apps or backgrounds. I use what is already in the phone. So I dont think thats the problem. I tried your number 2 possibility but did not seem to work. I dont even want to try 3 to make it worse. I went to t-mobile and the employee said they are a lot of people having problems with sending and getting messages. Told me to just wait for a patch because my phone seemed normal. Thank you for the options you gave me to try and resolve this issue.