Samsung Note 8 from Verizion getting terrible speeds


    My wife and I moved over from Verizon 2 months back after a recommendation from my friend.  He has been using T-Mobile and was getting faster speeds than my WiFi at home.  Anyway speed test will show me and my wife getting great download speeds, 25 mbps + down, to the usual less than 1.0 mbps down.  I have reset my APN, I have put a manual APN, and I have wiped my phone factory settings in an attempt to fix this issue.  Nothing has worked consistently.   Anyway the specifics:



    Mine: Note 8

    Wife: S9


    Zipcode 83201


    Looking for an answer.  I'm stuck on a 2 year contract with subpar speeds and want to see what can be done.

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      • syaoran

        Different devices perform differently for various reasons.  Your Note 8 lacks band 71, which might potentially be the difference.  You could try flashing your Verizon Note 8 to the XAA and then to the TMB U.  It won't make that huge of a difference because the hardware is exactly the same, but that will make your Note 8 almost exactly the same as what you would get from a T-Mobile store.  Carrier aggregation and radio firmware better tuned fornT-Mobile's network and some bloat is all that will change by switching firmware.  Information, tutorials, and firmware links can be found in the XDA-Developers Note 8 sub-forum.

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