Android: Does T-Mobile act as a "gatekeeper" for updates?


    Just bought a Google Pixel 3a at the local T-Mobile store, trading in my old "original" Pixel.


    I bought the old Pixel directly from Google and simply moved my old SIM card into the phone and received OS updates and monthly security patches directly from Google.


    Since the new phone was sold by T-Mobile as part of a promotion with an implied 2-year commitment, and the phone is actually "locked" to the T-Mobile network, I'm curious about just how much control T-Mobile will be exerting over this phone.


    Will T-Mobile be curating the OS updates and monthly security patches, with an inevitable delay, or will they continue to arrive directly from Google?


    [According to the date on the box, my phone was built or initialized in early April and is still at the March security update and won't offer me the April or May updates when I ask for them. This could either mean T-Mobile is slow-rolling the distribution or just that Google is a little slow on the uptake]

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      • rbob

        Never mind.


        Asked essentially the same question on the Google support forum and was assured that Googlephones obtained through carriers are treated essentially the same as those bought from Google directly as far as updates and security patches were concerned. The only caveat was that a carrier might want to have a quick look at the release to be sure nothing would impact their network negatively.


        They also said that the April & May security patches would be delayed and a single April-May-June update would be coming.