Does Binge On work with Coolpad Surf Hotspot?


    I see lots of discussion about Binge On hotspot via tethering, but nothing about using a Hotspot device like Coolpad Surf.

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      • barcodeable

        Re: Does Binge On work with Coolpad Surf Hotspot?

        Yes, BingeOn will work on the CoolPad surf... however, you will need to have a compatible plan with the BingeOn feature. The prepaid plans that I have seen do not have BingeOn capabilities. Most prepaid plans don‘t have texting abilities also.


        I have 2 Hotspots.... ZTE Falcon and my postpaid plan allows my hotspot to tether, text, and I get up to 20GB of data stash per month in rollover data, and im able to use my data in Mexico and Canada. i can also text internationally. If i changed devices and purchased the coolpad.... all of my features should practically work the same.

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        • tmo_chris

          Re: Does Binge On work with Coolpad Surf Hotspot?

          In order to get Binge on with a hotspot you would need one of our Simple Choice Mobile internet plans with 6GB or more highspeed data. This excludes T-Mobile ONE, Tax-Inclusive MI plans.

            • magenta7343104

              As of June, I began noticing data being chewed up while watching BingeOn compatible services like Netflix and Youtube.

              I've had a zte falcon for several years and have watched Netflix, Youtube, Spotify, happily.  It's what drew me to use Tmobile.

              After a rep changed my plan upon request for more data, BingeOn was no longer working.  In July, a rep checked and claimed

              to have fixed it as they put me on a plan that did not work with BingeOn...low and behold I eat through data after watching a couple

              episodes on Netflix.  T-Force then informs me BingeOn never worked with mobile hotspots.  There are no compatible plans with BingeOn

              for mobile hotspots and offered me credit for the surprise.  gee, thanks.  It's really great when services change willy nilly.

              Apparently, BingeOn now only works with phones.  This after months of trying to understand why DataStash never worked at high speeds

              after being told it did.  Unreal.

                • barcodeable

                  umm, I can help you. I can show you the truth.


                  The information that were provided to you by T-Mobile representatives is true but not 100% accurate as it relates to the services you were expecting.


                  Example: All dogs have 4 legs and a tail. A cat has 4 legs and a tail... so a cat is a dog, right? No.... They both have a tail and 4 legs... but 1 says meow and the other barks.... You were given the wrong information. Whether it was intentional or mistakingly provided to you... I would like to help you sort this out with pure facts.


                  What plan did you originally have when you were watching Netflix, YouTube, and Spotify happily?

                  What Plan did the rep upgrade you to?

                  What Plan do you currently have?