Data Roaming Alert


    Hello. I realize there has been a conversation about the ongoing issue of Data Warning pop-up on Samsung using T-Mobile. I was wondering when will this be fixed? Are there any workarounds to disable it or at least prevent it from disrupting other apps?

    Thank you for your time.

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      • tmo_mike_c

        Re: Data Roaming Alert

        Is this only happening when you're roaming on another carrier? Like internationally? Also, which Samsung do you have and what's the software version you're on?

          • magenta8541538

            Re: Data Roaming Alert

            According to all Samsung users who are on T-Mobile plan this happens

            throughout the day whenever traveling abroad. I go to Mexico for business

            and this is really annoying. It disrupts other services and makes me click

            on the notification when I drive... because it disrupts navigation and



            It also happens on WiFi. I would say it pops up about 10 times or more a

            day. Sometimes several times within half an hour!


            This issue has been known for years. PLEASE make it go away.

            Thank you,


            Samsung S8