App Selector, where did this app come from?


    I'm a metro customer and I noticed this app appear out of nowhere. I don't download apps so I was wondering is this a virus or did this app come included in some kind of update? The app is called App Selector. App detail says app installed from and app version


    My phone is a LG Stylo 4 (LM-Q710MS)



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      • syaoran

        Apps can come from various different places, including websites when browsing the web from your device.  How it got there if you don't know, is anyone's guess.  However, it does seem to allow you to uninstall it.  Have you tried uninstalling it?  You might want to check your app permissions to see if any of the web browsers you are using have the ability to download and install apps.  On some devices, like my Xiaomi Mi MIX 3, LG V30, Samsung Note 9, and so on, the OEM and carrier have a system app to install apps they believe enhance your experience using the device.  Samsung's and LG's are fairly obvious.  Xiaomi's is pretty easy to spot as well, but others are fairly well hidden.  What device are you using?

          • magenta8550933

            It does appear to come from T-mobile since it says installed from "". I'm a Metro by T-mobile customer though and doesn't seem like any T-mobile apps are present on my phone. Only metro apps although they are owned by T-mobile. I disabled all Carrier apps as soon as I got my phone months ago. (LG Stylo 4)


            I'm unable to find "" listed as an app or system app though even then I go through Settings -> apps & notification -> app info -> show system. So I'm unsure how this "App Selector" app got there and I'm unable to message T-mobile here on their website since I don't have a T-mobile phone number to ask them.

          • tmo_mike_c

            I agree. This must have come from an update sent from T-Mobile. After the rebranding, this doesn't surprise me you'd get something like that.

            • pnxnotded

              I'm curious why tmobile marked this as resolved when it hasn't been resolved at all? The same app showed up on my phone this week, and it clearly says it's from tmobile. If it is, what is it? If it isnt, then what is tmobile going to do about it, since it SAYS it is?